Join in celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month!

September 15, 2022

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Dear Business Affairs Familia,

Today marks the start of Hispanic Heritage Month, which commemorates the significant contributions of those whose ancestry can be traced back to Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South America and Spain. This important cultural observance has been celebrated since 1968, growing from a week-long celebration to a full month to properly observe and celebrate Hispanic culture and achievement. Special activities and events take place each year from September 15 through October 15 as we honor the generations of Hispanic Americans who have and continue to positively impact and enrich our nation and society. 

This cultural celebration is important to me for many reasons. First, Hispanic Heritage Month means something very special to our community at UTSA. We are a Hispanic Serving Institution, meaning that more than 25% of our undergraduate students identify as Hispanic. At UTSA, our fall 2021 enrollment indicated that over 57% of students identified as Hispanic. Think about that for a moment – over half of our students identify as Hispanic. When we talk about equity in education and working diligently to be a Hispanic Thriving Institution, we are inspired by our dedicated students who make UTSA such a rich and diverse community.  

The other reason Hispanic Heritage Month means so much to me is more personal. As a Latina leader in higher education and a first-generation scholar, I am proud to be part of the Hispanic community. I am a proud Mexican American and my life has been shaped significantly by my culture, including strong values of family and hard work. These values are reflected in our work at UTSA through our talented employees and team members who often feel like familia. As I join our UTSA students, faculty and staff in celebrating the rich histories, art, stories and cultural contributions of the Hispanic community, I am connected to my own heritage in a meaningful way. Throughout the month, I invite you to join me in sharing your favorite artist, quote or saying in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month on social media. 

This year’s theme for Hispanic Heritage Month at UTSA is “Unidos: Building a Stronger UTSA.” Unidos means united, and as I often say, we are each other’s best resources and truly make our experience working at UTSA richer when we share our own heritage and cultural values. I hope you will participate in the special events planned at UTSA and in San Antonio over the coming weeks. When we embrace our cultures and celebrate together, we lift one another up with support and encouragement!  

Recuerden, la unidad hace la fuerza! Celebremos juntos nuestra cultura y tradiciones. 


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Veronica Salazar
Chief Financial Officer and
Senior Vice President for Business Affairs 


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