Strategic Plan

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Our strategic plan connects directly to the university’s destinations, while simultaneously providing a clear map of key initiatives and outcomes in our division. Each department in Business Affairs is represented in our plan, with updates provided at key progress points throughout the year.

Vision Statement

Business Affairs will transform the Roadrunner experience and the future of our community through agility, collaboration and stewardship.


Our vision for the future of Business Affairs is centered on four key pathways.

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Operations and Finance

Business Affairs will innovate and provide exemplary service.


Key Outcomes
  • Improve productivity and efficiency through process automation
  • Improve client satisfaction with services
  • Enhance stewardship of physical, fiscal, and human resources
  • Increase opportunities for additional revenue and process improvement
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Business Affairs will cultivate an inspiring and empowering workplace.


Key Outcomes
  • Increase employee satisfaction, development and retention
  • Create a sense of place
  • Build and support leaders
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Campus Environment

Business Affairs will foster a safe and welcoming campus environment.


Key Outcomes
  • Optimize physical footprint and real estate holdings
  • Enhance health, safety, and wellbeing of campus community
  • Increase satisfaction with physical space
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Engagement and Community

Business Affairs will connect and engage with the community.


Key Outcomes
  • Increase partnerships with internal and external community
  • Create opportunities for engagement
  • Improve transparency and communication about our services