Spring 2022 Parking Information

Parking lot on the UTSA Main Campus

Parking operations will continue as normal in the spring 2022 semester. Explore our wide range of parking permits and other options to suit your schedule, needs and budget. 

Spring Parking Update: New Commuter Student Parking Available

Runners, we heard you. We’ve made changes to address the immediate parking concerns on the Main Campus. Starting Feb. 21, we’ve added hundreds of commuter student parking spaces in the Ximenes Ave. and Bauerle Rd. lots. Our campus continues to grow and change, and we are working hard to give you the best campus experience possible.

See the map below to view locations of the new commuter student parking spaces. To review all of your parking options, check out the full parking and transportation maps.


Choosing a Permit


If you plan to commute to campus, check out the Commuter student permit. This permit allows you to park in any Commuter student space on campus (shown in orange on our parking maps). Make your commute even easier by parking in one of our outer parking lots, like East Campus or Brackenridge Lot 5, and let The Runner bring you to the heart of campus. Looking for a different permit? Check out all student permits.

If you plan to live in campus housing and will be bringing a vehicle, you'll need a resident permit, such as our Resident Housing or University Oaks permits. Each permit offers convenient parking in lots located near residence halls. 


Whether you're working or teaching on campus or remotely, we offer a wide variety of permits to suit your schedule and budget. Employee A and Employee B permits are popular, convenient options for surface parking. Explore all available employee permits, including garage options.

For those who work remotely on a full-time or hybrid basis, we also offer an employee Telecommuter Pass and single-use daily scratch-off permits. Both can be purchased by visiting a garage cashier.

Telecommuter Options

Recommended permit options based on how often you plan to come to campus:

2–3 days per Week

  Employee B Parking Permit ($203/AY*)

  Employee A Parking Permit ($378/AY*)

  Other annual parking permit (≤ $858/AY*)

2–3 days per Month

  Telecommuter Pass ($1.25/hr)

  Daily Scratch-Off Permits ($7/day)

  Employee A or B Permit ($203-$378/AY*)

*Cost when purchasing an annual permit prior or during September 2021. See the 2021-2022 Permit Prorate-Refund Chart for prices of annual permits when purchased in each future month.

When choosing a permit, consider how many days per week you'll be on campus, how many hours per day you'll need to park, and where you wish to park. If you are considering the telecommuter pass or daily permit options, calculate your anticipated total parking cost for the academic year when using those options to help you decide if an annual permit would be a more cost-effective option to suit your needs.

If you wish to change your preferred parking method in the future, you are always welcome to upgrade to a new or different annual permit, or to return your annual permit for a prorated refund.


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