A hold is placed on your record to indicate that an action is needed.  This action could be returning a library book, paying a bill, taking a specific class, or talking to an advisor about your grades.  Holds are restrictive as well.  When a hold is placed on your record, you may be unable to register for classes, access the semester’s grades, add or drop classes, or order a transcript.  Below are the most common holds seen by freshmen students: 


DF:  the DF hold appears when a student is on Academic Warning or Academic Probation.  When a student has this hold, the student is unable to register or make changes to an existing schedule without seeing an academic advisor.  Contact the Colleges' Freshman Advising Center.   


 TA:  The TSI hold.  A student has this hold on his or her record when he or she is not TSI compliant and has not yet received credit for a developmental class addressing the area of need (math, writing, and/or reading).  A student with a TSI hold must register and add classes with an academic advisor.  Contact the Colleges' Freshman Advising Center.   


HE:  A student with this hold has not completed the mandatory Alcohol Edu program.  The Health hold could also indicate money owed such as the $5 fee for missing an appointment.  Contact Health Services.   


LB:  This hold indicates an outstanding library fine or an overdue book, but this hold will not block registration.  L2: This hold indicates that you owe the library more than $100, and this hold will block receiving transcripts and registration.   Contact the Library.  


FS:  A Fiscal Services hold means that you have an outstanding balance due to the university.  Enrollment Services can help you find out how much is owed and the reason for the charge.  Contact Fiscal Services to make the payment.      


AD:  Admissions hold.  This hold is placed on a record if there are any necessary documents missing such as an official transcript from the community college where the student earned dual credits or a final high school transcript.  Contact Enrollment Services. 


OR:  The Orientation hold is automatically placed on incoming student records until the mandatory orientation is completed.  Orientation is also mandatory for incoming transfer students who have fewer than 30 hours.  Contact the Office of Orientation and Transition Programs.    


UP:  The parking hold indicates that you have an unpaid parking citation.  Students receive a UP hold for each citation.  This hold blocks the student from receiving any transcripts.  Contact Parking Services. 


U2:  This hold is added if you have unpaid parking citations adding up to $100 or more.  This hold blocks the student from receiving transcripts and registration.  Contact Parking Services.  


JA:  Judicial Affairs.  This hold indicates that there is a judicial matter in progress, under review, or under adjudication.  Contact Judicial Affairs.


IP:  International Programs.  This hold indicates that the student must turn in paperwork, such as a passport, to international programs and/or attend an international programs orientation.  Contact International Programs.   


EL:  ESL.  This is a hold for International Students indicating that they need to take an English Language Test.  Contact ESL Services. 


ES:  ESLThis is a hold for International Students who need to take one or more EIS classes.  The student will need to register and make schedule changes with an academic advisor.  Contact the Colleges’ Freshman Advising Center.