HOP Approval Process

Amendment Approval Process


The president has designated the Office of Institutional Compliance and Risk Services (OICRS) as the university office responsible for the coordination of policy development and review, and to ensure institutional compliance with HOP policy 9.03.

HOP Amendment Approval Process

During the development and/or revision process, policies receive a rigorous review by the HOP Committee. Policies are also reviewed by identified stakeholders, the Office of Legal Affairs, the president. and the University of Texas System Office of General Counsel. Click here for more information on the amendment approval process. Click here for a list of policy changes from the last 90 days.

HOP Committee Membership

Members of the committee are appointed by the president to review and make recommendations to the president regarding policy review and development. The HOP Committee is Chaired by the Executive Director of the Office of Institutional Compliance and Risk Services (OICRS) or designee, membership includes the president or designee, the vice presidents or their respective designees, the Faculty Senate chair, Staff Senate chair, Student Government Association president, the policy coordinator, and other individuals as appointed by the president. The HOP Coordinator, Evelyn Vanderburg facilitates the HOP process. 

HOP Committee Responsibilities

The HOP Committee has the responsibility for the following activities:
A. Review and make recommendations to the president regarding any significant change to the Handbook of Operating Procedures, including the reformatting, and / or addition, amendment and deletion of policies and procedures in accordance with HOP policy 9.03.
B. Develop and maintain a schedule for the timely review and maintenance of existing policy.
C. Consult with outside subject matter experts as necessary to clarify policy/procedural requirements, assure compliance, or otherwise discharge the responsibilities of the committee.

Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding the approval process, policy revisions, or just general comments contact Evelyn Vanderburg

Policy Links

UTSA Handbook of Operating Procedures
UT System Policy Library
Board of Regents’ Rules and Regulations

HOP Committee members FY22-23

Committee Member


Area Represented

Dr. Rene Zenteno

Professor / College of Health, Community, and Policy/ Department of Demography

Faculty Senate

Carlos Martinez Senior Vice President for Institutional Strategic Planning, Compliance Risk Management, and Office Operations Chief of Staff President

Jasmin Paquet-Durand Ford

Student Government President


Jaime Fernandez

Senior Auditor

Staff Senate

Dr. Heather Shipley

Senior Vice Provost of Academic Affairs and Dean of University College


Dr. Tammy Wyatt

Vice Provost, Student Success


Dr. Steve Wilkerson

Associate Vice Provost, Institutional Research


Herbert Ganey

Executive Director, Student Union


Annette Parker

Executive Director Strategic Initiatives


Clay Haverland

Assistant VP, Campus Services


Christina Mata

Policy Analyst, People Excellence


Gary Lott

Assistant Vice President of Financial Services & University Bursar VPBA
Mary Hernandez

Associate VP, Admin and Operations


Diana Calloway

Assistant Director Endowment Compliance Operations & Advancement Services


Christine Moeller

Associate Athletics Director/Sports Administration & Student-Athlete Welfare & Senior Woman Administrator


Dr. Myron Anderson

Vice President for Inclusive Excellence


Dr. Vanessa Kenon

Ben Garcia

Associate Vice President for Information Management and Technology
Director of Customer and Operations Support Services


Dr. Michelle Stevenson

Associate Vice President for Research Integrity


Jason Hassay

Associate Vice President for State Relations