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Handbook of Operating Procedures
University Regulations
Revised: September 17, 2015

Policies that have been created, revised, or superseded within the last three months are listed here.

New Policies

2.20 - Peer Observation of Teaching

Revised Policies

1.02 - Appointment of Academic Administrators: Dean and Department Chairs

1.03 - Evaluation of Academic Administrators

2.32 - Administration of Courses Offered in Shortened Format

2.38 - Academic Program Abandonment

2.34 - Faculty Grievance Procedure

8.06 - Special Use Facilities

Deleted Policies
The policies listed below were deemed obsolete and therefore deleted.

2.20 - Academic Travel

2.23 – Professional Expectations for Faculty Policy

2.27 - Intellectual Property
Replaced by policy 10.04, Conflicts of Interest in Research & Intellectual Property

2.28 - Procedures for Dealing with Allegations of Misconduct in Science
Replaced by policy 10.02, Misconduct in Research or in Other Scholarly Activities

2.31 - Library Matters

4.10 - Approved Pay for Personnel Services Paid from University Funds Other than Regents' Budgeted Appointments

4.11 - Fees for Services

4.15 - Power to Bind the UT System

4.16 - Communications with the State Legislature and Other State Agencies

5.01 - Responsibilities of the Vice President for Student Affairs

5.12 - Prohibition of Sexual Assault

5.16 - Student Fitness and Performance in the College of Education and Human Development

6.02 - UT San Antonio Standing Committees - incorporated into policy 6.01

9.07 - Restrictions Against the Use of Federal Funds for Anyone Who has Engaged in Conduct Involving the Use of Force Against the University

9.17 - Computer Security

9.24 - Energy Management Program

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