Single-Cell NGS Library Prep
10X Genomics Single-Cell NGS Library Prep
  • Perform RNA-seq for up to 10,000 cells per sample.
  • Navigate the transcriptome with single-cell barcodes and unique molecular identifiers. Low multiplet rate of 0.8% per 1000 cells!
  • New Version 3 Chemistry detects twice as many genes as previous RNA-seq assays
  • Measure cell surface protein expression or CRISPR-mediated perturbations alongside gene expression on the single-cell level
  • Identify cell types and subtypes from complex tissues using relative gene expression profiles
  • new iconSingle-Cell ATACseq: Reveal chromatin accessibility to study epigenomics
  • new iconSingle-Cell CNV Analysis: Analyze the gDNA on the single-cell level with a resolution of 2Mb-100Kb
  • new iconSingle-Cell Immune Profiling: Sequence VDJ and TCR regions while assessing the gene expression profiles of immune cells
Single-Cell NGS Library Prep Single-Cell NGS Library Prep

10X Genomics Product Brochure. "Chromium Single Cell 3' Solution."

Fluidigm C1
Fluidigm C1 Auto Prep Single-Cell system
  • Perform single-cell analysis on 96–800 cells per sample
  • Varity of library prep methods from RNAseq to whole genome sequencing, with some customizable library preparations for NGS or qPCR analysis
  • Visualize captured cells in real time
Fluidigm C1

Hermann et al., 2015. Biol Reprod. 92(2):54

BioMarkHD qPCR
BioMarkHD qPCR System
  • High throughput qPCR up to 9,216 rxn/run
  • SNP genotyping and gene expression
  • RNA/cDNA total input <4uL for up to 96 assays
BioMarkHD qPCR
Milo Single-Cell Western Blot
Milo Single-Cell Western Blot System
  • Single-Cell western ~4,000 cells/blot
  • Strip and reprobe blot up to 9 times
  • Up to 4 primary antibodies at once
  • Cell Input: 10,000–100,000 cells
Milo Single-Cell Western Blot Milo Single-Cell Western Blot

Herman Lab, unpublished

  • Whole genome sequencing (genomes <100 Mb)
  • Metagenomic sequencing
  • Small RNAseq
  • ChIPseq

Ancillary Instruments for Library Prep and QC



4200 TapeStation

Nucleic acid Quant/QC

2100 BioAnalyzer

Nucleic acid Quant/QC

Access Array

High-throughput NGS library prep


Shearing nucleic acids


Microarray scanner (40um resolution)

Quant Studio 5 qPCR


Synergy 2

Fluorescence/absorbance microtiter plate reader