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Campus Resources

As a resource to UTSA's undocumented students, the following offices/individuals have been identified as points of contact to assist with questions related to residency, financial aid, counseling, admissions and more. Students needing further assistance can contact Student Ombudsperson Carol Gonzalez at 210-458-4040.

In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), UTSA does not release the personal information of its students, outside of public directory information.

Dreamer Council



UTSA Academic Advising's mission is to support the holistic development of all students by cultivating trusting and collaborative relationships. Undocumented undergraduate students who need academic advising assistance can contact Angelica Barrera to get connected with academic advising.  

Angelica Barrera | Associate Vice Provost for Student Success | | 210-458-6517 



We can provide assistance to Dreamers seeking to complete an application for UTSA.  

Angelica Rodriguez | Undergraduate Admissions Counselor II |
Victor Natera | Senior Undergraduate Admissions Counselor | 



The UTSA Police Department’s goal is to provide a safe and inclusive learning environment for all students, faculty, staff and visitors, regardless of immigration status. We will not routinely ask for anyone’s immigration status while conducting our normal police duties. 

Captain Thomas Calucci | University Police | | 210-458-4421 
Emergency | 210-458-4911 



The University Career Center is dedicated to helping Dreamers in their career development process, assisting with the process of finding, applying and connecting with opportunities of which they are eligible. 

Lisa Vigil | Career Counselor, Career Services | | 210-458-4589 



Counseling Services welcomes students with immigration status concerns.  Students can access counselors in a safe, supportive and confidential space. Please know that Counseling Services is willing to assist you at any time during the normal work day, or in an emergency, you can access an on-call clinician after hours. 

Multicultural Student Center for Equity and Justice


The Multicultural Student Center for Equity and Justice promotes an equitable and socially just campus for students through community building, campus advocacy, education and programming.

Brandi Scott | Director of the Multicultural Student Center for Equity and Justice | | 210-458-7968 



Students who have been classified as Texas residents for tuition purposes may also be eligible to received state financial aid. Additionally, undocumented students may be eligible for certain scholarships. 

Arnold Trejo | Executive Director of Financial Aid and Scholarships |
Alejandra Gonzalez | Associate Director Financial Aid & Scholarships | 



Dreamer graduate and doctoral students may be eligible for an in-state tuition waiver. Dreamer graduate students in need of academic assistance can contact Ginger Hernandez in the Graduate School. 

María R. Medrano Guillén | Senior Graduate Recruiter | | 210-458-4335



International UTSA students who are attending on non-immigrant visas can contact International Student Services (ISS) regarding immigration questions or concerns. While ISS does not provide legal services, ISS is able to provide specific immigration resources and answer general immigration questions related to student visas (ex: F-1 or J-1). 

International Student Services| 210-458-7202 | 

Individuals seeking assistance or resources related to unDACAmented, DACAmented, Temporary Protected Status, Asylee/Refugee status, please contact: 




Dreamers may be eligible to pay resident (in-state) tuition; please contact or go to for more information. 

Stacey Wells | Enrollment Services Associate III | | 210-458-4534  




The PEACE Center leads our campus community in a social change movement to end sexual violence. Their trauma-informed educational programs and direct services aim to promote a healthy and safe environment allowing all faculty, staff, and students to thrive.





The Mission of the Tomás Rivera Center is to promote lifelong student success by providing innovative resources to UTSA Students and our Community. We are committed to delivering an unparalleled experience where students come first.




The First-Gen & Transfer Student Center is committed to supporting students that identify as a first-generation or transfer student as they pursue their undergraduate degree. The center is focused on ensuring that students make the most out of their university experience through mentorship, student success activities and community building.

Marlys McKinney | Program Coordinator| | 210-458-7469



We are dedicated to empowering Roadrunners with a history of foster care. Provide supportive services to eligible students to ensure academic success.

Emily Marcotte| Associate Director, Foster Care Initiatives | | 210-458-6958  



Transfer and Transition Student Success Services is here to empower, support and assist transfer students before, during, and after their transfer to the university by providing timely, accurate information and a seamless transition.

Barbara Smith | Senior Director | | 210-458-5586 


Student Conduct and Community Standards supports Dreamer students by answering questions regarding the student conduct process, and aiding student learning and development. 

Robert Sanchez | Coordinator for Student Conduct and Community Standards | or | 210-458-4720

Dreamer Allies

# First Last Email
1 Adalira Garcia
2 Adam Zaby
3 Alaysia Moore
4 Alegra Lozano
5 Alexandria Vigil
6 Alistair Welchman
7 Allegra Castro
8 Allessandra Sanchez
9 Allison Gutierrez
10 Amanda Perez
11 Amber Harmon
12 Ammi Bui
13 Ana Leos
14 Anar Yazji
15 Andrew Shelnutt
16 Anne Jimenez
17 Ansley Jenkins
18 April Lawver
19 Ashlee Guerra
20 Ashley Marquis
21 Augusine Morales
22 Betty Nyasulu
23 Blanca Pokorney
24 Brent Floyd
25 Caitie Dyer
26 Carlos Gonzalez
27 Carlos Lopez
28 Carol Gonzalez
29 Cassandra Parado
30 Chelsea Heinning
31 Chelsea Vietri
32 Cherilyn Patterson
33 Cheyenne Uvalle
34 Christina Whitmire
35 Claudia Garcia
36 Crystal Martinez
37 Curtis Wilkens
38 Dainon Deviney
39 Daniel Gockley
40 Deborah Chaney
41 Deborah Silliman
42 Derrick Jenkins
43 Diane Lopez
44 Donna Edmondson
45 Dylan Watson
46 E Uriegas
47 Ehsaneh Shahhaidar
48 Elivira Leal
49 Elizabeth Ayala
50 Ellen Blumberg
51 Emily Young
52 Emily Green;
53 Eric Oviedo
54 Erica Wallace
55 Erin Czarnecki
56 Evelyn Hunt
57 Fatima Montez
58 Gena Sadler
59 Georgina Martinez
60 Ginger Hernandez
61 Heather Frazer
62 Humberto Trinidad
63 Hunter Haight
64 James McDonald
65 James Barnes
66 Jan Kemp
67 Jarvis Clark
68 Jason Trevino
69 Jaylon Wilson
70 Jennifer Swoyer
71 Jessica Guiver
72 Jessica Vela
73 Jessica Dawson
74 Jesscia Gonzales
75 Jill Fleuriet
76 Jill Hernandez
77 Jocelyn Martinez
78 Jon Taylor
79 Judy Cadena
80 K William kwilliams311@YAHOO.COM
81 Kaeli Caraway
82 Kari Doring
83 Katelyn Grun
84 Kathryn Wilson
85 Kawli Caraway
86 Kirsten Spooner
87 Kristi Meyer
88 Kristin Cutts
89 Laura Munroe
90 Laura Narvaez
91 Lauren Aphar
92 Lauren Smith
93 Lauren Heather
94 Leonardo Trevino
95 Lilliana Saldana
96 Lindsay Oday
97 Lindsay Ratcliffe
98 Liping Bien
99 Lisa Santillan
100 Lisa Johns
101 Lisa Jurgajtis
102 Lisa Vigil
103 Lisa Buentello
104 LT Robinson
105 Lucinda Juarez
106 Madeline Marie
107 Madison Lagnmanta
108 Maria Mayela
109 Marisela Garcia
110 Marissa Munoz
111 Marlys Mckinney
112 Martha Chichil
113 Mary Dixson
114 Matthew Torres
115 Melissa Gohlke
116 Melissa Cadena
117 Michael Castaneda
118 Molly Miller
119 Monica Bowden
120 Monica Rodriguez
121 Monique Burkley
122 Natasha Arguello
123 Nicholas Ward
124 Noelani Caubillos-Sanchez
125 Paul Rodriguez
126 Peggy Stuck
127 Rachel Cannady
128 Raeona Banjo
129 Raquel Orozco
130 Rebecca Luther
131 Rex Johnson
132 Rita Wilson
133 Robert Gibbons
134 Ryan Mcpherson
135 Samantha Siguentes
136 Sara Deturk
137 Sarah Cuellar
138 Sean Burns
139 Shae Large
140 Shannon Rios
141 Shannon Barbosa
142 Shari Salisbury
143 Sharon Cropper
144 Shelley Howell
145 Shelyla Sanc
146 Sonia Valencia
147 Sapna Naik
148 Stacey Wells
149 Stefanie Lopez
150 Stephanie Hernandez
151 Stephanie Barbosa
152 Steven Campos
153 Susan Colorado
154 Susan Denny
155 Sylvia Mansour
156 Taylor Roby
157 Taylor Puente
158 Timothy Palese
159 Tracy Hunt
160 Veronica Luna
161 Victoria Herrera
162 Victoria Teske
163 Vincent Perez
164 Walid Nader
165 Whitney Chappell
166 William Moody

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