Growth and Photosynthesis

photosynthesis equipment
  • Seedlings were grown in pots at 20-100% of full sun.
  • Growth of seedlings was greatest at 40% of the maximum light level.
  • Mortality was zero in the 40% light treatment and 100% at the highest light level tested.
  • Leaf photosynthetic rates of seedlings growing in sun or shade below a canopy were examined.
  • Rates were measured in the field at light levels from 0-2000 ┬Ámol/m2/s.
  • No significant differences were seen between the curves for sun and shade leaves.
  • Bigtooth maple is shade tolerant and grows best at low light with a low photosynthetic rate.
  • Characteristics seems part of the reason for persist in isolated Central Texas canyon woodlands.

Related Publications

Nelson, T.L. and O.W. Van Auken (2017) Seedling growth and leaf photosynthesis of Acer grandidentatum (Bigtooth maple, Sapindaceae) from isolated central Texas populations. Phytologia 99(1): 11-21.
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