Equity Advocacy

As part of the Equity Advocacy Initiative at UTSA, Strategic Enrollment has the following programs and efforts to enhance existing activities to advance diversity, inclusion and justice for our students at UTSA.

Financial Wellness Initiative

The Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships, in collaboration with Student Success, will continue developing a comprehensive Financial Wellness initiative in order to bring greater financial awareness and support to our high-need student populations. Specifically, we will be focusing on low-income, first-generation students who need wrap-around services during the recruitment process and also as they transition to campus. Additionally, once students are here, they will need continued monitoring and support to ensure they are successful.

Student Employees in Strategic Enrollment

As part of our revamp of student worker programs within Strategic Enrollment, we plan on creating a type of student career path that will help students gain more experience during their 4 years with us. For example, when a student worker is hired, we will create a work plan for them for 4 years which could include them gaining experience in multiple areas within Strategic Enrollment. This would be intentional and will allow them to build a more robust resume.

Advancing Belonging for Veteran & Military Affiliated

The Office of Veteran and Military Affairs will continue work among the military affiliated student population to increase their sense of belonging as a community, connect them to faculty and staff, then continue building out the Alumni affinity organization. This past year, several events and initiatives were created to connect these groups together and increase the support needed to see students be more successful academically and socially.