At the Najim Center, we are dedicated to cultivating an ecosystem where entrepreneurship meets mindset. We believe there's an entrepreneur in every one of us, whether you're an artist, a scientist, a humanitarian, or a business guru. At the Najim Center, there's a space for everyone.

Our Methodology to Success:

The success of the Najim Centers rests firmly on four pillars: inclusion, innovation, collaboration, and a strong focus on the center being student-centric, in alignment with UTSA's classroom-to-career initiative. These guiding principles drive our mission and create an empowering environment for all students.

Our Driving Vision:

  • Create an innovative, educational environment that recruits the most talented young entrepreneurs to immerse in real-world problem solving
  • Be the best source of talent for venture creation and retention in the San Antonio startup community
  • Develop the brightest and most capable individuals who understand at a fundamental level how to translate market needs into wealth creation
  • Create a funded pipeline of new startup ventures for South Texas