Compartmentalization—the traditional arrangement of colleges and departments within a university—stifles research creativity. The Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship program at UTSA works to unleash creativity through radical interdisciplinarity. SIE is an environment that erases traditional boundaries between disciplines, thereby transforming inter-collegiate pedagogy in entrepreneurship.

SIE's research focus on entrepreneurship at UTSA brings cross-disciplinary researchers together to scientifically study the changing pedagogical and curricular landscape. The exploration of these experiments will be used to further refine the approach to entrepreneurial education at UTSA and provide new knowledge to the study of technology entrepreneurs in general. Other areas of research include entrepreneurial personality traits, entrepreneurial intent, business incubation, technology transfer and policies for accelerating technology commercialization.

We also aim to graduate researchers who are prepared to make an impact on their local, national and international communities. And that necessitates that they see the application of these fundamentals across disciplinary boundaries in order to understand the broader scope their decisions and actions will have on society. UTSA firmly believes that entrepreneurship is a key contextual ingredient for educating students to have this multidisciplinary and social perspective.