$100K Student Technology Venture Competition

What is The annual $100K Student Technology Venture Competition?

SIE presents an exciting opportunity for student entrepreneurs! The annual $100K Student Technology Venture Competition. As early-stage entrepreneurs, you'll gain invaluable hands-on experience, collaborating in interdisciplinary teams to develop cutting-edge technology demonstrators, compelling business pitches, and well-crafted business plans to launch innovative startups. Not only does this competition foster creativity and innovation, but it also encourages intercollegiate partnerships, paving the way for senior design projects to materialize into thriving startup ventures. Don't miss this chance to unleash your entrepreneurial potential and turn your ideas into reality!

Orange dollar - BRI page.png
Winners stand to earn lucrative cash prizes and gain access to invaluable resources to further their endeavors.
Blue network - BRI page
Showcase your talent to well-esteemed investors, San Antonio employers, business owners, and seasoned entrepreneurs to raise funds for your startup or to accelerate your career.
Ideas BRI orange
Test your ideas and business model in a risk-free environment, while receiving invaluable feedback from esteemed judges and mentors to refine crucial aspects of your venture.
Business model Blue BRI
Optimize your business model's potential, identify the ideal market alignment, and significantly enhance your prospects for achieving commercial success.
BRI resume orange
Build an impressive resume that stands out from the crowd during job applications, and challenge yourself and acquire key transferable skills applicable in any professional setting.

What's in it for YOU?

100k orange opportunities
Unlock exciting opportunities to advance your entrepreneurial pursuits with lucrative cash prizes and invaluable resources for your ventures as competition winners.
100k profile blue
Elevate your profile by showcasing your talent to esteemed investors, San Antonio employers, and seasoned entrepreneurs, paving the way to secure funding for your startup or secure your dream job.
100k orange guided location
Participate in a risk-free environment to test and fine-tune your innovative ideas and business model, guided by invaluable feedback from esteemed judges and mentors.
100k resume blue
Strengthen your resume and distinguish yourself during job applications, while also challenging yourself and acquiring transferable skills that hold relevance in any professional setting.

Additional details coming soon. 

Please refer to this page for updates. 

Past Winners

Spring 2022
Remedium, 1st place
The BackPack, 2nd place
Blynx, 3rd place

Spring 2021
MECM Medical, 1st place
Tranquility Therapeutics, 2nd place
Consilio Prothesium, 3rd place

Spring 2020
TeraBiotech (VAP), 1st place
Q-LADZ, 2nd place
FYREFLY, 3rd place

Spring 2019
EnVault, 1st place
C-CAM Technologies, 2nd place
JNST Solutions, 3rd place

Spring 2018
Winch-Men, 1st Place
VertiPro, 2nd Place
GANA Biomedical Solutions, 3rd Place

Spring 2017
ColdClot/Chiron, 1st Place
FluoroDent, 2nd Place
quadTeck, 3rd Place

Spring 2016
InfraVein, 1st Place
Bullseye Tactics, 2nd Place
WASDPlay, 3rd Place

Fall 2015
EZ Torque, 1st place
Therm-moist therapy, 2nd place
Synced-In, 3rd place

Spring 2015
Vita Ingenium Solutions, 1st place
Mentis, 2nd place
OXYvo, 3rd place

Fall 2014
ISleepTech, 1st place
Thetis Smart Engineering Innovations, 2nd place
Firefly, 3rd place

Spring 2014
Mediflow, 1st place
Velox Medical, 2nd place
Vitalassure, 3rd place

Fall 2013
Claresta Solutions, 1dt place
In Line Innovations, 2nd place
INI Technology, 3rd place

Spring 2013
Leto Solutions, 1st place
Cyclosa, 2nd place
PLaCR I.T., 3rd place

Fall 2012
Lapara Medical Inc., 1st place
Jack Rabbit, 2nd place
Western Immersion Engineering, 3rd place

Spring 2012
ACPPC, 1st place

Fall 2011
Logicorp, 1st place
Auto Turn, 2nd place
AutoView, 3rd place

Spring 2011
UMDI, 1st place
ATALIS, 2nd place
Voice Detection for the Deaf, 3rd place

Fall 2010
Dead-eye, 1st place (tie)
Chute Damper, 1st place (tie)
Fire Suppression, 3rd place

Spring 2010
Invictus, 1st place

Fall 2009
AidPro, 1st place
Phoenix Gaze, 2nd place