What is C.A.S.E?

C.A.S.E is a comprehensive Civic and Social Experience Challenge, seamlessly traversing diverse academic disciplines and organizational spheres. In this capacity, student teams assume the strategic mantle of consultants, collaborating closely with a chosen company to adeptly address intricate challenges within the realm of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Through astute analysis and collaborative insight, you will collectively forge a path of utmost efficacy, fostering substantial transformation within this critical domain.

What’s in it for YOU?

Orange dollar - BRI page.png
Winners stand to earn lucrative cash prizes and gain access to invaluable resources to further their endeavors.
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Showcase your talent to well-esteemed investors, San Antonio employers, business owners, and seasoned entrepreneurs to raise funds for your startup or to accelerate your career.
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Elevate the stakes of your problem-solving acumen as you navigate intricate challenges, pitching your solutions within a supportive and risk-free arena. Embrace the chance to not only validate your skills but to also receive invaluable feedback from discerning judges.