Blackstone LaunchPad Summer Fellowship

April 2, 2021
We're happy to announce that applications for the Blackstone LaunchPad Summer Fellowship program are officially open! Highlights of the program are included below, but please see the LaunchPad Fellowship: Summer 2021 info sheet for more details.
Application Link:
Key Dates:
  • Applications open window: April 1-27
  • Applications close: April 27
  • Students notified of selection: May 10
  • External team announcement: May 17
  • Fellowship runs: June 14-August 6

Application Criteria
The primary applicant must:
  • Be a current student (undergraduate level, graduate level) OR 2020 / 2021 graduate enrolled at LaunchPad university.
  • Be a lead founder / co-founder of the venture.
  • Be self-motivated and driven to complete work independently and with minimal oversight.
  • Have well-defined, quantifiable S.M.A.R.T. goals and milestones to be completed within the 8 week period of the fellowship.
  • Be past the idea-stage and ideally have a pitch deck, executive summary, a logo, a website, social media accounts (Ex; LinkedIn and Twitter). Other activities that we consider to be “past” the idea stage include: working on a prototype, working on customer discovery, or building a business model.
  • Have some form of traction e.g. early sales, MOUs, funding raised, customer interest, user base, etc.
  • Have demonstrated leadership in both executing on business or program operations and galvanizing support.
  • Have experience working with mentors or advisors, integrating feedback into their venture, and demonstrating coachability.
  • Be able to complete and fulfill all required duties as posed by the Fellowship and dedicate 3-4 hours per week on Fellowship meetings and deliverables.

There will be special consideration given to diverse leadership and/or founding teams.
$5,000 will be awarded to participants who complete all program requirements. Funding is distributed after the program concludes. 
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at!