Financial Appeal

The Financial Services and University Bursar's Office requires a written request from each student wishing to submit a financial appeal. The request and supporting documentation may be submitted to the Financial Services and University Bursar's office in–person (FLN 1.04.08), by fax (210-458-2031) or by email to

A financial appeal only offers financial relief and does NOT include or imply the removal of any grade or academic determination made by another university official.

Appeals will not be considered for semesters or terms earlier than one year from the current semester or term. For example, during the Fall 2019 semester, the earliest semester or term that can be considered for an appeal would be Fall 2018.

Students will be contacted upon final determination. Once submitted, the review process may take up to two weeks to be completed.

The financial appeal must include:
  1. Student's name, Banner student identification number, address and phone number.
  2. The reason for the appeal – The reason for the appeal should demonstrate and document circumstances beyond the student's control.
    The courses for which the appeal is submitted should be formally dropped/withdrawn by Enrollment Services. If any grades (other than W) have been assigned, an appeal cannot be considered.
  3. Supporting documentation – Any other documentation that helps to explain the circumstances or verifies statements made in the official appeal document for withdrawing due to:
  • Non–attendance: An email from each professor indicating that the student did not attend is required. Documentation verifying non-attendance must be accompanied by an explanation of why a withdrawal was not promptly processed prior to the start of the semester when 100% refunds were automatic. Students attending another university or college during the term for which the appeal is submitted should submit a verification of enrollment from that school.
  • Military deployment: A copy of the deployment orders, which includes the dates the deployment occurred and length of deployment is required.
Exceptions to this Financial Appeal Process include:
  • Academic Appeals: Financial appeals are not accepted for academic issues, such as complaints about the professor's teaching style or other academic issues not related to attendance.
  • Medical/mental health reasons - student: When the student is the individual personally experiencing the specific condition, supporting documentation must be submitted to Student Health Services for review and recommendation. The Financial Services and University Bursar's office will receive refund recommendations for medical appeals, but does not directly collect the supporting documentation. All appeals related to medical conditions should be submitted to Student Health Services prior to the end of the last day of the semester following the requested withdrawal term. However, medical/mental appeal requests submitted during the Summer must be submitted by the last day of the ten-week term.
  • 3–peat, 30-hour or 45–hour charges: The appeal must be generated by your advising office. For more information, see Three–Attempt Rule or Undergraduate Credit Limitation.

Information on change of grades is located in the current Information Bulletin in the chapters (Undergraduate or Graduate) titled “General Academic Regulations”.

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