Ongoing Financial Affairs Projects

We work with cross-functional teams to improve financial processes and resources.


Fiscal Services and QLess – Faster than a Roadrunner!

The QLess system creates a “virtual” wait line for students needing service at the Fiscal Services office. Students are able to join the virtual line from anywhere and wait anywhere. The goal is to reduce student lines during peak times. It gives students the freedom to take care of other needs while they wait their turn to meet with Fiscal staff. The QLess system also allows for improved metrics on services provided.

Timeline: June 2023 through June 2024

Accounts Payable Vouchers – UTSA One Card

This project automates the creation of One Card non-PO vouchers. Vouchers will automatically route and follow the approval workflow in PeopleSoft for review, approval, and payment. This will save time for voucher creators, who will no longer be required to create One Card payment vouchers.

Timeline: January 2024 through June 2024

Add Download Excel Functionality in PeopleSoft

This project adds the "Download Expenses to Excel" feature to expense report, travel authorization, cash advance and accounts payable workflow documents. This added functionality includes detail for expense and invoice lines, allowing reviewers and approvers to view all detailed funding-related data by expense type while the document is routing.

Timeline: January 2024 through June 2024