Student with regalia on with text Fostering Futures Program


The Fostering Futures Program supports youth who have a history of foster care achieve goals in higher education and beyond. We are dedicated to empowering the next generation of college graduates by building foundations for success through: 

  • Compassionate engagement in inclusive, individualized resources,  
  • Healthy connection to community,
  • Advocacy for advancement, and
  • Leadership 

We are a proud partner of the Bexar County Fostering Educational Success project, a county-wide collaboration that aims to provide educational support and improve college graduation rates for current and former foster care youth. 

Student Success

Total enrollment of students who have a history of foster care more than doubled.

Over $50,000 in Emergency Funds have been given directly to students.

Students who engage in our program are up to 12% more likely to persist at UTSA.

Our Team

Emily Marcotte, M.A.Ed.

Senior Associate Director, Foster Care Liaison

MS 2.03.02

Phone: 210-458-6958

Juan J. Reyna

Outreach and Events Manager

MS 1.02.14

Phone: (210) 802-6254

Estefania Fuentes-Gonzalez

Senior One Stop Counselor

JPL 1.01.04C

Phone: (210) 458-7583

Alex Svehla

Campus Coach / Program Manager

MS 2.03.02

Phone: (210) 701-0468

Mercedes Lozano

Campus Coach / Program Manager

MS 2.03.02

Phone: 210-881-7501

Job Opportunities

We currently have no open positions. Please visit the UTSA Employment website for more opportunities available at UTSA.


The Fostering Futures Program offers training to UTSA faculty and staff to learn more about our program and best practices for working with students who have a history of foster care. Our training is called Be a Champion! Foster Care Initiatives. Upcoming classes can be found online at by searching course code SD0341.

Looking for a closed training opportunity or presentation for your team? Contact Emily Marcotte to schedule your session!