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The UTSA First-Year Experience (FYE) Main Campus locations are currently closed. However, FYE staff and peer mentors are available to connect with you during business hours (Monday – Friday, 8:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.). You can reach FYE through:


Meet The Fall 2017 Peer Mentors

Welcome to UTSA! As part of your First-Year Experience you have been paired with a Peer Mentor that will help you connect to the university.

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    Architecture, Construction & Planning

    Arts & Humanities

    Business Studies

    Public Service & Policy Studies

    Interdisciplinary Education

    Life & Health Sciences

    Natural & Physical Sciences

    Social Sciences

    Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

    Architecture, Construction & Planning Peer Mentors

    Renaja Burns
    Architecture '20

    Arts & Humanities Peer Mentors

    Ann Adigwe
    Medical Humanities '20

    Samantha Castillo
    English '19

    Hayley Coulter
    Medical Humanities, 18

    Krystal Cruz
    Medical Humanities '19

    Ashley Logan
    Music Education '18

    Myat May
    Medical Humanities '18

    Meraj Patel
    Medical Humanities '19

    Jillian Pienpenburg
    Spanish '18

    Business Studies Peer Mentors

    Amar Ali
    Buisness Management '19

    Laura Cantu
    Finance '18

    Mikayla Cooper
    Marketing '20

    Samuel De Leon
    Finance '18

    Emma Downing
    Finance & Accounting '18

    Marlowe Espinoza
    Business Marketing '19

    Megan Folmar
    Cyber Security & Information Systems '19

    Christopher Gonzalez
    Real Estate Finance & Development '19

    Cheyanne Klein
    General Business '19

    Morgan Ned
    Finance '17

    Christa Patterson
    Accounting '19

    James Rangel
    Sports, Event & Tourism Management '19

    Jonathan Santiago
    Marketing '18

    Dilawal Singh
    Cyber Security '18

    Lauren Townsend
    Information Systems & Cyber Security '17

    Kyndall Traylor
    Accounting '17

    Public Service & Policy Studies Peer Mentors

    Austin Ogle
    Criminal Justice '20

    Kayla Rascon
    Criminal Justice '18

    Interdisciplinary Education Peer Mentors

    Alyssa Aguilera
    Bilingual Education '18

    Karely Correa
    Interdisciplinary Studies '20

    Raegan Joiner
    Interdisciplinary Studies '17

    Elizabeth Mitchell
    Interdisciplinary Studies '19

    My-Linh Tran
    Education '18

    Ashley Wauls
    Early Childhood Education '19

    Life & Health Sciences Peer Mentors

    Clara Akwarandu
    Public Health '20

    Jessica Alonso
    Biochemistry '18

    Lisa Bennett
    Biology '17

    Austin Buck
    Public Health '18

    Kendall Cantor
    Pre-Nursing '19

    Karina Chowdhury
    Public Health '18

    Jeanette Curtain
    Epidemiology '18

    Anam Dharani
    Biology '17

    Stephanie Donabella
    Public Health '18

    Tiana Evans
    Kinesiology '19

    Kassandra Gonzalez
    Kinesiology '18

    Kayla Guerra
    Public Health '20

    Lorelle Jackson
    Kinesiology '18

    Kayla Jones
    Public Health '20

    Savannah Kemberling
    Biochemistry '18

    Lekhya Kintada
    Biology '19

    Krystyn Malveaux
    Public Health '18

    Sharon Mathai
    Biology '18

    Taylor McCowan
    Public Health '19

    Ingrid Moon
    Biology '18

    Lisa Nguyen
    Biology '19

    Shivam Patel
    Biology '18

    Priya Patel
    Biology '20

    Daniel Salinas
    Kinesiology '17

    Aditi Sharma
    Biology '19

    Daniela Torres
    Public Health '19

    Miranda Willis
    Biology '18

    Caroline Zhu
    Biology '18

    Natural & Physical Sciences Peer Mentors

    Dinora Chaparro
    Chemistry '18

    Lauren Flores
    Environmental Science '20

    Social Sciences Peer Mentors

    Jay'Len Boone
    Global Affairs & Sociology '20

    Maria Cardenas
    Psychology '20

    Sydnee Garcia
    Psychology '19

    Delylah Henry
    Communication '20

    Elizabeth Honsalek
    Psychology '19

    Salman Jasani
    Communication (PR) '17

    Aaliyah Maura
    Psychology '18

    Hannah Middleton
    Psychology '20

    Erick Montes De Oca
    Psychology '18

    Ashley Osorio
    Public Relations '20

    Blair Pan
    Communication '17

    Valerie Reyes
    Psychology '19

    Jocelyn Reyna
    Psychology '17

    Ramiro Rodriguez
    Psychology '17

    Jade Santana
    Psychology '18

    Emily Smith
    Political Science '17

    Kayla Witcher
    Psychology '19

    Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (TEM) Peer Mentors

    Temilola Adedipe
    Biomedical Engineering & Pre Med '20

    Alfredo Avila Lopez
    Electrical Engineering '18

    Matthew Burgess
    Biomedical Engineering '19

    Madison Davison
    Mathematics '20

    Richard Dominguez
    Mechanical Engineering '19

    Justice Dominics
    Mechanical Engineering '19

    Bryan Garcia-Romero
    Biochemistry '17

    Nhu Huynh
    Electrical Engineering '19

    Marco Alberto Ibanez Gutierrez
    Mechanical Engineering '19

    Nathaniel Mayberry
    Mechanical Engineering '17

    Melson Mesmin
    Public Health '17