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Marjie French

Giving Thought:

Perseverance Makes All the Difference

In reviewing the stories for this issue of Giving, there seems to be an unintentional, underlying theme: Perseverance. Almost every story features people who didn’t let objections stop them from achieving their dreams or seeing their ideas come to fruition. A man starting a business. Businessmen who overcame meager beginnings and ignored advice to achieve career success. They listened to their hearts and forged their own paths to achievement.

Their stories are not unlike many others I have heard from UTSA students and alumni who have persevered to achieve their education. For more than 43 years, UTSA has been a place where ideas and plans are nurtured and where every day someone is overcoming the odds stacked against them. Perseverance is part of our fabric at UTSA.

I also note that the people we featured didn’t do it all alone. Someone believed in them. There were friends and classmates who whispered encouragement. There were teachers and mentors who shared their vision. There were investors—people who supported programs and scholarships—that gave them access to the right knowledge and the right people to set their aspirations free.

Throughout our history, our alumni, students and donors have made what at times seemed impossible, possible. Imagine if Jim Bodenstedt had decided not to go to college before pursuing his lifelong dream. Or if Bill Greehey had heeded the advice to drop out of high school. How many of our students would have gone without their generous scholarship support? Their tenacity, and ultimately their generosity, has made big, big dreams possible at UTSA.

All of us have the same power to make a difference when we give time or treasure to UTSA. Your support could be just the spark needed for the next exciting program or student pursuit. That’s why I love my job at this amazing institution—I get to encourage people to do meaningful things with their time and resources and I love nothing more than sharing the difference it makes for our students and faculty (and their ability to persevere) with all of you.

Until next time,

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Marjie French
Vice President for University Advancement

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