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Health Profession Student Organizations

Participating in student organizations has many benefits. They give members the opportunity to meet with other students who have similar interests, network with professionals in the field, meet admissions or recruiting staff from professional schools, investigate their academic and professional interests, provide community service, and develop leadership skills. 

Here are some of the health-related student organizations at UTSA that are open to current students:

  • Alpha Epsilon Delta (AED)
  • American Medical Students Association (AMSA)
  • Black Health Professions Organization
  • Foundation for international Medical Relief of Children
  • Global Brigades
  • GlobeMed
  • Health Honors Society
  • Latino Medical Student Association
  • Medical Humanities Student Organization
  • Pre-Dental Society
  • Pre-Medical Society
  • Pre-Nursing Society
  • Pre-Optometry Society
  • Pre-Occupational Therapy Society
  • Pre-Pharmacy Society
  • Pre-Physical Therapy Society
  • Pre-Physician Assistant Society
  • Sports Medicine Society

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Volunteer Opportunities

A track record of volunteerism can provide proof of an individual's commitment to serving the community. Thus, for pre-health professions students who are preparing for careers through which they will be able to serve the medical needs of others, having consistent involvement in volunteer activities can be of great importance. The impact of exhibiting community service on an application to a health professions program, though, will depend on how well a student can communicate what was learned from volunteer experiences and how those experiences were personally meaningful.

Click the button below to view suggestions for a variety of possible volunteer sites in Texas. Be sure to visit the websites of each of the organizations that interest you for more information on the specific requirements for becoming a volunteer.

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Summer and Spring Break Opportunities

There are a variety of summer and spring break opportunities that can provide pre-health professions students with resources and experiences they need to learn more about their professions of interest, to build better clinical or research skills, and to become stronger candidates for health professions programs in the future.

Click the button below to view opportunities that are offered throughout Texas, across the nation, and in other parts of the world. Because some program applications can be due as early as January, it is important to begin researching opportunities early.

For more possible summer and spring break opportunities, please visit www.explorehealthcareers.org.

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