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Handbook of Operating Procedures
Chapter 2 - Faculty and Academics
Publication Date: January 2, 2014
Responsible Executive: VP for Academic Affairs

2.28 Appointing Former Tenure-Track Faculty Members to Nontenure-Track Faculty Positions

This is not the current policy. For the latest, click here.


This policy ensures consistency across The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) in appointing former tenure-track (TT) faculty members into nontenure-track (NTT) academic ranks.    


The procedures described in this policy provide the structure by which former TT faculty members can be appointed to a NTT faculty position.


This policy applies to all UTSA TT faculty members in academic ranks specified in HOP policy 2.02, Faculty Appointments and Titles, who resign from the TT position prior to notification of termination or non-reappointment and reapply for a NTT position.



UTSA or UT System Policies or the Board of Regents Rules & Regulations        

  1. Regents’ Rule 31001, Faculty Appointments and Titles
  2. Regents’ Rule 31002, Notice of Nonrenewal to Nontenured Faculty Members
  3. Regents’ Rule 31007, Tenure
  4. HOP policy 2.02, Faculty Appointments and Titles
  5. HOP policy 2.10, Faculty Reappointment, Promotion, and Tenure
  6. HOP policy 2.13, Termination and Nonreappointment of a Faculty Member
  7. HOP policy 2.24, Third Year Review
  8. HOP policy 2.50, Nontenure-Track Faculty Recruitment, Evaluation, and Promotion Process
  9. HOP policy 4.14, Separation of Employment for UTSA Personnel      

Other Policies & Standards

  1. Texas Education Code, Section 51.943, Renewal of Faculty Employment Contracts


If you have any questions about HOP policy 2.28, Appointing Former Tenure-Track Faculty to Nontenure-Track Faculty Positions, contact the following office:

Office of the Vice Provost for Academic and Faculty Support


Nontenure-Track Faculty:  Academic titles used at UTSA in which tenure cannot be granted. Specific Nontenure-Track (NTT) titles are contained in HOP policy 2.02.  Appointments to NTT titles shall be for a period of time not to exceed one academic year, except in the case of Lecturer III, Senior Lecturer, Distinguished Senior Lecturer, the Professor of Research series, and the Professor in Practice series. All such appointments shall terminate at the expiration of the stated period of appointment without the notification of nonrenewal of appointment required by the Board of Regents’ Rules and Regulations, Rule 31002, Section 1. If the administration determines that it is to the benefit of the institution, it may offer appointment to one of these titles.

Tenure-Track Faculty: Faculty positions associated with a probationary appointment which can lead to tenure but which have not yet been granted tenure. Specific Tenure-Track (TT) titles are contained in HOP policy 2.02. Examples include Assistant Professor, and Associate Professor hired without tenure.


  1. Tenure-Track Faculty Member
    1. When the decision for termination or non-reappointment is based upon performance review, the faculty member must submit to the chair a letter of resignation prior to notification by the president of termination or non-reappointment in order to become eligible for an appointment to a NTT position.
    2. Apply for NTT position through UTSA hiring as described in HOP policy 2.50, Nontenure-Track Faculty Recruitment, Evaluation, and Promotion Process.
  2. Department Chair
    1. Accepts resignation letter from TT faculty member (prior to notification of termination or non-reappointment) and forwards the letter to the dean along with the chair’s letter accepting the faculty member’s letter of resignation.
  3. Dean
    1. Forwards to the vice provost for UTSA Downtown and academic and faculty support the faculty member’s resignation letter and all related documents, including the dean’s approval.
  4. Provost or designee
    1. Approves resignation letter.
  5. President or designee
    1. Approves any exceptions to this rule as he/she sees fit.


The procedures for potential appointment of former TT faculty member to a NTT faculty position are as follows.

  1. TT faculty members must have submitted their resignation letter prior to the date of notification by the president of the results of their performance review in order to be considered for a NTT faculty position.  Any TT faculty member who has not offered his/her resignation by the date of notification of a non-renewal of appointment due to a negative performance review  is ineligible for any current or future faculty appointment at UTSA.  Exceptions to this rule may only be approved by the president or his or her designee.
  2. Upon resignation prior to notification by the president of performance review results and acceptance of the resignation by the faculty member’s department chair and dean, the former TT faculty member may be eligible for hire as a NTT faculty member in one of two ways as described in HOP policy 2.50.
    1. The faculty member applies for a position involving a multi-year appointment announced per the recruitment procedures described in HOP policy 2.50: the process for recruiting and appointing faculty to positions involving multi-year appointments.  The UTSA recruitment system must be utilized for these multi-year appointments.
    2. The faculty member seeks appointment to semester-by-semester positions (such as Lecturer I or Lecturer II) per procedures developed by departments and colleges.
  3. A faculty member who offers his or her resignation in accordance with this policy and process must be reviewed for any available NTT positions in accordance with HOP policy 2.50 and the respective department’s and college’s standard processes and hiring needs.  Resignation through this policy does NOT guarantee any faculty member any NTT position.