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Handbook of Operating Procedures
Chapter 3 - Staff
Publication Date: September 26, 2013
Policy Reviewed Date: February 17, 2022
Policy Owner: VP for Business Affairs

3.02 Staff Recruitment

This is not the current policy. For the latest, click here.


The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) is committed to building a highly qualified and diverse staff in support of academic excellence.  To identify, recruit, and retain highly qualified, talented and diverse staff for all University departments is a primary goal for UTSA.  


This policy provides guidance to ensure that all qualified candidates (staff members and outside applicants) will be given equal consideration for posted positions without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, age, veteran's status, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation or gender.


This policy applies to the recruitment of all classified, administrative and professional (A&P) staff positions at UTSA.



UTSA or UT System Policies or the Board of Regents Rules & Regulations

  1. UTSA STARS - Streamlined Applicant Referral System Guidelines
  2. UTSA Human Resource Department Employment Process
  3. UTSA Employee Relations Promotion/Transfer Policy
  4. UTSA Affirmative Action
  5. UTSA HOP policy 9.01 Nondiscrimination and Sexual Harassment and Sexual Misconduct
  6. UTSA HOP policy 9.02 Persons with Disabilities
  7. UTSA HOP policy 9.31 State Employment and Selective Service Registration
  8. UTSA HOP policy 4.30 Criminal Background Checks
  9. UTSA HOP policy 9.21 Records and Information management and Retention
  10. Regents’ Rules & Regulations Rule 30108 Employment Preferences for Former Foster Children
  11. Regents’ Rules & Regulations Rule 30107 Veteran’s Employment Preferences

Other Policies & Standards

  1. Texas Government Code,  Chapter 656 Job Notices and Training
  2. Texas Government Code, Chapter 657 Veteran’s Employment Preferences
  3. Texas Government Code, Chapter 672 Employment Preference for Former Foster Children
  4. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964


If you have any questions about HOP policy 3.02, Staff Recruitment, contact the following office:

People Excellence


STARS - Streamlined Applicant Referral System is the web based program UTSA uses to collect applications. 

External Posting - This method is used to advertise positions that are open to all qualified candidates, including current UTSA employees and the general public.

Internal Posting - Such postings will be open only to current employees of UTSA.

Outside Advertising - Any posting source that is not a UTSA sponsored source.

Best Qualified Candidate - Is defined as an applicant who, in addition to meeting all of the minimum qualifications advertised in the position, also demonstrates knowledge, skills and abilities related to the job requirements that are determined to be sufficiently strong to make a significant contribution to the University and department.


  1. Hiring department
    1. Creates job requisitions in STARS for open positions.
    2. Reviews and screens all applications received through STARS.
    3. Conducts interviews.
    4. Selects a finalist.
    5. Performs reference checks.
    6. Processes hiring proposal to include the criminal background checks (CBC).
    7. Communicates the verbal job offer to applicant, after HR approval of the hiring proposal.
    8. Documents recruitment process and retains information based on UTSA records retention schedule.
  2. People Excellence
    1. Reviews, approves, and posts job requisitions received through STARS.
    2. Reviews and approves/disapproves hiring proposals.
    3. Processes CBCs.
    4. Serves as advisor throughout the recruitment process.


  1. General
    1. These procedures are general in nature to comply with various laws. For a more detailed guideline please see the Human Resources Department's Employment Process.
    2. All hiring departments are encouraged to identify potential minority, disabled, veteran and female candidates to recruit a diverse pool.
    3. Professional standards of confidentiality should govern the search and screening process.
    4. All open, benefits-eligible staff positions will be posted in the STARS system. This system requires a user login. To request a user login please go to the STARS website.
    5. All documentation created in the recruitment process, including matrices, interview questions and responses, and reference checking materials should be maintained by the hiring department for a minimum of two years.
  2. Posting Requirements
    1. All staff and administrative positions must be posted in STARS for a minimum of five (5) calendar days (3 days for reposted positions in special circumstances). All positions close at midnight on the closing date.
    2. Positions can be posted as either External or Internal.
    3. Grant funded or soft money positions with a fixed duration (temporary) will be posted indicating that the position is contingent upon the availability and continuance of funding. In addition, temporary positions may be contingent upon the availability of work.
  3. Posting Exceptions - there are no posting requirements for:
    1. Positions to be filled by work study students, student interns, fellows, teaching assistants or students employed in academically related research.
    2. Temporary positions (less than four and one-half months) OR part-time positions of less than twenty hours per week.
    3. Positions associated with department/group/organization that is transferred from another University or state agency (in entirety) to UTSA. However, for those employees who choose not to be transferred, the open positions will be posted.
    4. Positions associated with an existing grant transferred from another University to include incumbents working on the grant, people named in the grant (grant not secured yet), or people who, but for their involvement, the grant would not be secured.
    5. Postdoctoral fellow positions.
  4. Outside Advertising
    1. All open positions in STARS, with the exception of those posted as "internal", will be listed with the Texas Workforce Commission.
    2. All advertisements of positions must carry the notation that “The University of Texas at San Antonio is an Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.  Women, minorities, veterans, and individuals with disabilities are encouraged to apply.”
    3. Staff positions available at UTSA are to be described fully in advertisements according to the title of the position, required and preferred qualifications, and duties. Qualified applicants are to be sought from a wide range of sources.
    4. Departments may choose to advertise their open staff positions in outside publications. This will be done at the department's expense.
    5. All advertising must be approved by the Human Resources Employment Department.
  5. Recruitment Plan
    1. Hiring department will create a hiring recruitment plan. The following documents, along with the written answers/ratings, are to be retained according to the UTSA Records Retention Schedule. Recruitment plans include:
      1. Applicant screening matrix - to analyze basic and preferred qualifications/experiences;
      2. Interview questions - job related questions that are asked of all applicants interviewed;
      3. Reference check questions - questions that are asked of all references for each finalist that is under hiring consideration and has been interviewed.
  6. Screening Applications
    1. A screening matrix is to be used to narrow the pool of candidates to the best-qualified applicants for interview. The screening matrix should score each applicant based on required and preferred qualifications from the posting. Should a current UTSA benefits-eligible staff member be considered for interview please review the Promotion/Transfer Policy.
    2. If the hiring department considers the pool not to be sufficiently diverse or has received only a few applications, they have two options:
      1. The hiring department may request that Human Resources extend the closing date of the position.
      2. If the hiring department is not satisfied with the applicant pool and wants to recruit a new pool, a new posting will be created.
  7. Interviews
    1. The interviewing process will not be conducted until the posted position has closed.
    2. Positions posted as "Open Until Filled" may begin interviews while still receiving applications. The hiring department must continue to review applications while the posting is open.
    3. At a minimum, three candidates are to be interviewed, provided that there are at least three competitive applicants in the pool.
    4. Interviews can be conducted either in person or telephonically, if the applicant does not reside locally. Telephonic interviews must use the same questions as the personal interviews; responses should be recorded in writing.
    5. A set of job requirement based interview questions are to be prepared in advance of the interviews. Interview questions are to be designed to permit a fair and objective evaluation of each applicant and consist of objective, job-related inquiries.
    6. Each applicant will be asked the same questions.
    7. All responses must be recorded in writing.
    8. To facilitate the hiring decision, utilize the interview matrix.
  8. Final Screening Requirements
    1. References are to be checked of all applicants who are under final consideration for the position; the same questions will be asked of each reference. Document all answers for each applicant.
    2. It is the policy of UTSA to obtain criminal history record information on applicants who are under final consideration. The hiring department must submit CBC forms to the Human Resource Department for processing.
    3. If faced with multiple candidates that are all equal and under final consideration preference is given to those applicants that have designated Veteran or Former Foster Youth status. This status is indicated on the application for employment.
  9. Job Offer
    1. The hiring department may extend a verbal job offer to the selected candidate only after the hiring proposal has been approved by Human Resources.
    2. If a University staff member is selected for a posted position, transfer or promotion should take place on a date mutually agreed upon by the affected departments.




Sample Interview Questions

Applicant Screening Matrix

Interview Matrix

Reference Check Questions



XIII. Dates Approved/Amended