Pre-Law Advising

UTSA pre-law advising is housed within the Institute for Law and Public Affairs, which offers a variety of prelaw services and programs tailored to your stage in your undergraduate education and law school application process.

For individual prelaw advising appointments, please contact your prelaw advisor at or set up a prelaw appointment with the Institute for Law and Public Affairs (ILPA) in Handshake. Your prelaw advisor does not replace the role of your college academic advisor, but you will learn:

If law school is fit for you

  • Ways to gain exposure to the law and legal profession

Timeline and how to prepare for law school and Law School Admission Test (LSAT)

  • Undergraduate course selection for law school and LSAT preparation
  • A timeline for law school preparation and application 
  • Extra-curricular activities to become a more rounded person 
  • Difference between the two entrance exam options, the LSAT and GRE
  • A plan, strategies, and resources for effective LSAT preparation
  • Resources to identify law schools fit for you, based on your credentials, interests, and goals
  • Resources and tools to understand the cost of a legal education

The law school application process

  • Application components. You may submit your personal statement, resume, and optional essays for review. Your prelaw advisor will answer your law school application questions 
  • How to select strong recommenders for letters of recommendation 
  • How to address potentially unfavorable or delicate topics in the law school application 
  • Scholarship reconsideration, waitlist process, and other related topics to law school application and admission processes.