Financial Services Inventory

Mission Statement

Our mission is to adhere to state laws, university rules and regulations by assuring 100% asset accountability for all Capital and Controlled assets bought, transferred, or donated to UTSA departments.

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Inventory Contact Person (ICP) Newsletter 2018: January | April | July | October

The Inventory Department is responsible for the following:

  • Write inventory policy, procedure and guidelines IAW State Laws and University rules.

  • Maintain inventory records data consistency within three shared mainframe databases.

  • Conduct their Annual Physical Inventory (API) using barcode scanners.

  • Barcode Capitalized and Controlled equipment.

  • Manage internal/external equipment movements.

  • Manage and report missing, lost and stolen equipment.

  • Conduct 20% audits.

  • Report accounting record values for the Annual Financial Report Schedules and the State Property Accounting (SPA).

  • Manage the University's Art Program.

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