Data Warehouse

The data warehouse is a collection of student data which can be accessed by authorized University Executives, Faculty, Staff, Administrators, and Researchers. The data warehouse was developed to provide the institution with the following benefits:

  • Timely Information Access – The data warehouse shortens the time span between user reporting data needs and information delivery giving decision makers instant access to historical (static) data through the use of adhoc query and reporting tools.
  • Future Vision From Historical Trends – Effective business analysis frequently includes forecasting and trending using historical multiple academic years, or terms, worth of data using various points in time—snapshots.
  • Tools To Combine Data Differently – The data warehouse environment gives users a tool for looking at data differently. This tool allows decision makers to ask new questions and an opportunity to solve problems differently.
  • End User Empowerment – The warehouse empowers institutional decision makers by placing inquiry and analysis tools at their fingertips.

Certified Data or Official Institutional Data

The Office of Institutional Research is responsible for providing official university data that is reported to external agencies, including the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and the U.S. Department of Education's Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS)

The data warehouse stores historical institutional data extracted directly from University transactional databases such as BANNER. Data taken from BANNER directly will not necessarily match information provided to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board or IPEDS. These agencies have various definitions for reporting that are not initially stored in BANNER, and thus are not necessarily imported into the data warehouse.

Note: If your reporting requires certified data, please make a data request using the data request page.