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Fact Book

The UTSA Fact Book was designed by the Fact Book Committee, a sub-committee of the Data Council and serves as a primary resource for both our on and off campus constituents who use data about UTSA. The Fact Book is published every fall and contains data from the previous five years. The Fact Book provides an overview of the most frequently required data regarding the university.

Much of this information is now available in a more interactive format under the Dashboards tab on this website.

Fall 2016 Fact Book Sections

Section Description
All Sections The Fact Book contains information about many areas of the university over the past five years, including Student, Faculty, Financial data, and many other items that are useful for on and off campus constituents.
History and General Information This section of the Fact Book contains general information about the university such as the Mission Statement, Administration and other interesting aspects of the university. There is also a section providing headlines about the university throughout the calendar year.
Student Enrollment The student enrollment information comes from the Coordinating Board Enrollment Report (CBM001) and the students' major comes from the Banner system. The college data is for the current college structure, meaning that the organization of the Colleges is based on the departments which are in each college in the Fall.
Courses Taught The "courses taught" information comes from the Coordinating Board Course Report (CBM004) which is certified by the state. The Course level comes from the Course Inventory. For each section the number of courses offered, the number of students enrolled, and the number of semester credit hours generated are included. The section on College comes from the subject of the course and is for the current college structure. The Semester Credit Hours (SCH) and Full Time Equivalent information by colleges are included in this section.
Undergraduate Admissions
Graduate Admissions
The Applied, Accepted, and Enrolled information comes from the Coordinating Board Admissions file (CBM00B), this file contains only the summer and Fall applications for each year. Only students who have never applied at the level are included in this information. Enrollment is based on the fall semester, in prior years it had been based on the student applied for. Note that although many new students enter UTSA each year only students who are first time students seeking a degree at UTSA are included in the Cohort for graduation and retention information.
New Undergraduates This section contains information on new undergraduate applications from the Coordinating Board Admissions file (CBM00B), this file contains only the Summer and Fall applications for each year. It also contains the retention and graduation rates of students who are first time full time students seeking a degree.
Degrees Awarded This information is based on the Banner Degrees Awarded table and the Student Demographic table as of the time the file was run. The College information is based on the current College Structure and the data is provided for the full academic year from Fall (FL) to Summer (SU). An interactive view of this data is also now available at OIR Interactive.
Faculty The Coordinating Board Faculty Report (CBM008) provides data regarding all faculty members at the university, including Teaching Assistants. This includes faculty members who are not teaching courses. There are separate sections for All Faculty, Tenured/Tenure Track Faculty, Teaching Assistants and Instructional Faculty members.

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