UTSA MARC-2 Program


Attention MARC-U*STAR Applicants

If you would love to have the training offered to MARC-U*STAR students, but do not meet program requirements or are not admitted, we are pleased to offer the UTSA MARC-2 Program.


Like MARC-U*STAR, you will participate in a host of professional development activities that will prepare you for doctoral training. You will be one of the gang... fully integrated as a participant! You will be assisted to create travel awards to attend conferences like the MARC-U*STAR trainees do.

What You Must Have

  • Commitment – If you accept a position, we expect you to continue until graduation.
  • Passion – Be driven to better yourself, your family, and the community through the research training you will receive.
  • Ambition – Desire a graduate degree in the biomedical and behavioral sciences.


Same as the MARC-U*STAR Benefits, but without the funds.


Click here to apply to UTSA MARC-2.

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