RISE-2 Program

Attention RISE Applicants

If you would love to have the training offered to RISE students, but do not meet program requirements or are not admitted, we are pleased to offer the RISE-2 program.

Like RISE, you will participate in a host of professional development activities that will prepare you for doctoral training. You will be one of the gang... fully integrated as a participant! You will be assisted to create travel awards to attend conferences like the RISE trainees do.

What You Must Have

  • Commitment – If you accept a position, we expect you to continue until graduation.
  • Passion – Be driven to better yourself, your family, and the community through the research training you will receive.
  • Ambition – Desire a graduate degree in the biomedical and behavioral sciences.


Same as the RISE Undergraduate or RISE PhD, but without the funds.


Undergraduates  |  PhD students

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