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Login Screens

Welcome to Orientation and Family Programs' login screens. Please click the section that applies to you for access to OFP's online resources.

Administrators = OFP Staff Only

Facilitators = All Orientation Program Facilitators (UTSA Faculty and Staff)

Interns = OFP Graduate Interns and Student Coordinators

Orientation Leaders = OFP Student Staff

Administrator pic Administrators Facilitator pic Facilitators
GradIntern pic Interns Orientation Leader pic Orientation Leaders


Below is a list of Orientation and Family Programs' online forms.

Adventure Trips (registration)
Adventure Trips (cancellation)
Family Day Events – Spring 2013 (RSVP / registration)
Family of the Year Application – Fall Only (nominations)
Family Weekend Events - Fall (RSVP / registration)
Info Fair Registration – Spring 2013 (registration)
Intern Interest Form (interest form)
Orientation Interest Form (interest form)
OL Recruitment (application)
Roadrunner Camp (registration)
Roadrunner Camp (cancellation)
ROWDYS Camp (nominations)
Situation Form (internal form)
Staff Contact Information Form (interest form)