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Join us for a special presentation from TACC!


The UTSA Office of Information Technology (OIT) hopes you will join us for a special presentation from Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) as they share the benefits of TACC and explain how they can help support research at UTSA!


The event is open to UTSA faculty researchers (registration is required) and will take place on:


Friday, February 16 th
HEB UC Bexar Room 1.102



The Agenda

  agenda for TACC visit


What is TACC


TACC is known to design and deploy the world's most powerful advanced computing technologies and innovative software solutions to enable researchers to answer complex questions. Every day, TACC's staff work with hundreds of researchers, enabling them to discover and develop new products, renewable energy sources, and visualize the explosion of a star, among many other important discoveries.

TACC provides high performance computing, visualization, data analysis, storage, software, cloud, gateways & portal interfaces, and Arts & Humanities.


TACC Vislab

(TACC's Visualization Laboratory (VizLab)) 



 How Can TACC Help My Research?


The visit with TACC will provide the opportunity to attend a presentation, chat one on one with TACC staff for any questions you may have. After the presentation, there will be a TACC Open Enrollment where TACC staff will assist faculty with opening a TACC account.


TACC's Stampede Computer system

(Stampede, one of the most powerful and significant supercomputers in the U.S for open science research, is able to perform nearly 10 quadrillion operations per second)






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