OIT Security Presents at Multiple IT Security Events

May 31, 2017


(Chip Meadows presenting at the BSides SATX 2017)


By: Danicia Steele, Communication Specialist

In support of Internal Audit Awareness Month, Senior Information Security Analyst Chip Meadows represented UTSA at the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) Luncheon on May 17 at the Old San Francisco Steak House in San Antonio, Texas. Meadows also presented at the BSides SATX 2017 on May 20 at St. Mary's University.

The IIA Luncheon allows audit professionals and organizations the opportunity to come together to promote their departments and help increase awareness of the value of internal audit within their organizations. The luncheon focused on “A Simple Day in the Life of IT Security” featuring recommended work methods and communication used in IT security.

During the luncheon, Meadows presented “What an Auditor Needs to Know” giving an introduction to IT auditing along with steps for communicating with technical staff. The presentation provided an overview of a typical day in IT security, highlighting daily objectives like alerts, policies, requests, assessments, and team meetings.

The presentation also outlined methods for staying current in auditing and provided attendees with communication advice from an auditor’s perspective. Meadows stated how “some assume that all auditors know the same language but that’s not always the case.”

On Saturday, May 20, Meadows presented at the BSides SATX 2017. The event combines security experts from a variety of organizations in search of the “next big thing” in information security. The event presents an opportunity for the safety experts and industry professionals to share ideas, insights, and network with others in the community.

At BSides, Meadows focused on the peer communication skills and career perspective of IT security. His presentation “Why Soft Skills are No Longer Optional” elaborated on the soft skills an everyday tech person needs in addition to their technical expertise. The soft skills presentation expanded communications towards non-technical groups and mentoring younger staff to develop their abilities.

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