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The Rowdy Exchange is an intuitive and comprehensive online shopping tool that connects directly to the PeopleSoft purchasing application. It offers staff and faculty a “shopping cart” experience designed to make day-to-day purchasing easier and to save money, time and resources for the university.

Rowdy Exchange launched in July 2017, and now all new requisitions must go through Rowdy Exchange. Everyone who plays a role in the purchasing process at UTSA must take either the Overview or Requester training class.  Learn more.   

About Rowdy Exchange


  • WHAT – Rowdy Exchange is UTSA’s e-procurement platform, offering one‐stop shopping for all goods and services. Based on the Jaggaer (formerly SciQuest) software platform, Rowdy Exchange makes day-to-day purchasing easier. It is an intuitive and comprehensive online shopping tool for you to make purchases for your department. 
  • WHO – Affects all employees responsible for purchasing goods and services.
  • WHERE – All UTSA campuses and divisions.
  • WHY – Easier ordering, easier approvals, easier invoicing. Rowdy Exchange presents an Amazon-like shopping-cart experience, with many items ordered from online catalogs. It is intuitive and comprehensive and offers greater buying power for UTSA, thus lower prices for purchasers.

Rowdy Exchange connects directly to and serves as the front end of UTShare/PeopleSoft’s purchasing application. You simply log on to UTShare and navigate to the Rowdy Exchange link.

Your Benefits Include:

  • Taking advantage of Showcase Suppliers, which were vetted by UTSA Purchasing Department and offer you the best value for price and quality. The Showcase Suppliers allow you to standardize purchases of items, manufacturers, models and available equipment maintenance.
  • Placing university orders via a “shopping cart” experience. This familiar platform simplifies purchasing.
  • Having the ability to search for a wide range of products on UTSA or UT System’s contracts.
  • Creating templates for regular purchases, further speeding the buying process.
  • Easily searching your own or your department’s buying history.
  • Having several options for shopping, including hosted catalog, punch-out catalog, non-catalog items, forms and contracts.

Rowdy Exchange offers greater buying power for UTSA, thus lower prices for you. With Rowdy Exchange, UTSA is in a stronger position to negotiate better prices and services as we spend more with our vetted, preferred suppliers.

Rowdy Exchange allows you to search by supplier, manufacturer, part number or SKU, item description, exact phrase, a product category or a product sub-category. You can select HUB or environmentally friendly suppliers. When you purchase from preferred suppliers, you can process the order more efficiently and often less expensively than when purchasing through unapproved suppliers.

Upon final approval, Rowdy Exchange automatically submits purchase orders to contracted vendors.

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Jaggaer is the market leader in eProcurement software for higher education and research institutions. More than 100 higher educational institutions, representing more than 194 campuses, are Jaggaer customers. All 14 UT System organizations will use the Jaggaer platform by the end of summer.

Rowdy Exchange Timeline and Events

Rowdy Exchange Change Management Activities

Activity Date
JULY 2017
Go Live July 17, 2017
Executive Committee July 12, 2017
Business Horizons Newsletter July 15, 2017
FAR Presentation July 19, 2017
PDS email project status July 24, 2017
Information Sessions with Special Groups TBD
Road Shows TBD
JUNE 2017
Advisory Committee June 15, 2017
Business Horizons Newsletter June 15, 2017
Executive Committee June 15, 2017
PDS email project status June 16, 2017
Information Sessions with Special Groups TBD
Road Shows TBD
MAY 2017
Business Horizons Newsletter May 1, 2017
HUB Vendor Fair May 2, 2017
HUB Vendor Fair May 3, 2017
Overview Training Sign-up Available May 3, 2017
RSC Process Discussion May 4, 2017
Poster Distribution in Various Business Buildings May 15, 2017
Newsletter Announcement May 15, 2017
Rowdy Exchange Web Page Goes Live May 17, 2017
Executive Committee May 17, 2017
Business Affairs Forum May 18, 2017
Formal Training Begins, Overview and Requesters May 25, 2017
FAR Presentation May 24, 2017
PDS Email Project Status May 29, 2017
Information Sessions with Special Groups TBD
Road Shows TBD
Post to social media TBD
Video monitor spots TBD
APRIL 2017
Provost Council Presentation April 11, 2017
Department Chairs Presentation April 12, 2017
Student Affairs Council Presentation April 13, 2017
MARCH 2017
Focus Group II March 7, 2017
Advisory Committee Meeting March 16, 2017
FAR Presentation March 25, 2017
on SPOC Website March 22, 2017
Testing Strategy Meeting March 29, 2017
Business Horizons Newsletter Announcement March 30, 2017
Logo Introduced February 16, 2017
Focus Group Orientation January 5, 2017
Focus Group 1 January 10, 2017
Business Horizons Newsletter January 15, 2017
FAR Presentation January 25, 2017
Executive Committee Meeting January 27, 2017
Advisory Committee Meeting December 5, 2016
Naming Contest Voting Closed December 7, 2016
Rowdy Exchange Name Announced December 13, 2016
Business Horizons Newsletter December 15, 2016
Executive Committee Meeting November 18, 2016
Business Horizons Newsletter November 15, 2016
Announced Naming Contest Open for Voting November 21, 2016
FAR Presentation November 30, 2016
on SPOC Website November 30, 2016
DTS Impact Study October 12, 2016
Chart of Accounts Meeting October 26, 2016
Receiving Discussion October 28, 2016
on SPOC Website September 8, 2016
Core Team Orientation September 15, 2016
on SPOC Website September 15, 2016
FAR Presentation September 28, 2016
CMO Presentation August 15, 2016

Rowdy Exchange Resources

We are here to assist you with questions about Rowdy Exchange. Here are resources you can view and share with your team.

  1. Rowdy Exchange Implementation at UTSA (PowerPoint)
  2. List of Showcase Vendors
  3. Rowdy Exchange Fact Sheet
  4. New Rowdy Exchange Purchasing Terminology
  5. Rowdy Exchange Overview
  6. Rowdy Exchange Approvers Guide
  7. Rowdy Exchange Quick Reference Guide
  8. Rowdy Exchange Training Video
  9. Frequently Asked Questions

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