Our Mission

The PEACE Center leads our campus community in a social change movement to end sexual violence. Our trauma-informed educational programs and direct services aim to promote a healthy and safe environment allowing all faculty, staff and students to thrive.


We provide education and training opportunities for faculty, staff and students to ensure UTSA is a safe place to work, study and live. Prevention is fundamental to the university’s commitment to creating a zero-tolerance environment. The PEACE Center offers the educational tools and resources to equip everyone on campus to take an active role in preventing incidents of sexual misconduct and violence.


We educate and train our campus community on topics related to sexual violence to strengthen the community’s role in fostering a healthy learning and working environment. These educational efforts include understanding the root of violence and prevention strategies as well as improving our intervention response through a trauma-informed lens.


The PEACE Center Advocates have the unique ability to support survivors at all stages of the healing process by promoting values that validate, believe, support and empower. Our comprehensive services address physical, emotional, academic and employment related needs. We can assist with navigating a variety of systems to help clients understand their rights and options by making informed decisions when seeking justice and healing.


We are here to support the entire UTSA community. We encourage members of our campus community to proactively reach out to our team in the event they need to discuss and/or obtain information related to situations involving sexual misconduct and/or sexual violence. Our team will assist you with knowledge and options to best navigate issues pertaining to your role.


Our services and programs empower the campus community to take an active role in cultivating an environment free of violence. We equip students, faculty and staff with knowledge, skills and resources to be agents of change in this movement.