Our Approach

A safer community begins with building a culture of respect. As part of Student Affairs, The PEACE Center is dedicated to fostering a safe, diverse and inclusive educational environment at UTSA.

Building a Culture of Respect

We are proud to be part of The Culture of Respect Collective Cohort 3. UTSA PEACE Center is created with the 6 CORE areas described in the framework below. This model is a nationally recognized, evidence-based, comprehensive program designed to create organizational change.



“Peacebuilding is an activity that aims to resolve injustice in nonviolent ways and to transform the cultural & structural conditions that generate deadly or destructive conflict. It revolves around developing constructive personal, group, and political relationships across ethnic, religious, class, national and racial boundaries. This process includes violence prevention; conflict management, resolution, or transformation; and post-conflict reconciliation or trauma, i.e., before, during, and after any given case of violence.”

- John Paul Lederach