Office of the President

Message From The President - February 2016

Dear Friends,

When I was a college student, I had so many wonderful teachers. I had professors and lecturers who brought history to life. And I had a very special art teacher who opened up an entirely new world for me, stirring a passion that I continue to pursue today. 

Every day, nearly 1,500 UTSA faculty members open their classroom doors to our 29,000 students. These faculty members are passionate about teaching and bringing excellence to the classroom, engaging and mentoring our students. 

Deborah Moon Wagner, for example, is a lecturer in the UTSA Department of Anthropology. In the classroom, her goal is to equip students with an understanding of what it means to be a scholar: to question and think critically and to challenge their world views. She says that the wonder her students express when they learn something new and unexpected is an endless source of inspiration.

David Han is an associate professor in the UTSA College of Business. His teaching career includes everything from middle school mathematics to graduate level statistics. Dr. Han's students praise him for teaching difficult concepts in a simple and relatable manner, a valuable attribute in statistics and mathematical sciences. 

Elizabeth Pate is in the UTSA College of Education and Human Development. Dr. Pate starts each undergraduate course with a "blank syllabus." During the first class session, she asks her students to write down what they want to learn, how they want to learn it, why it's important and how they want to be assessed. That process lets her tailor her instruction to the needs of her students. 

We know how important outstanding faculty members like these are to the success of our students at UTSA. That's why we're committed to hiring even more great professors. In the last couple of years alone, we've recruited faculty from Harvard, Yale, Rutgers, Purdue, Carnegie Mellon, MIT and Northwestern. And we won't stop there. 

Looking back, think about all of the wonderful teachers who made a difference for you – all the people who inspired you to think and explore beyond the classroom. That is what makes education so special. And those are exactly the kind of people who create the top-tier experience at UTSA. 

Go 'Runners!

Ricardo Romo
President, The University of Texas at San Antonio