Office of the President

President's Student Advisory Council

Past Meeting Agendas

February 2023

  • Academic Affairs
    • Overview of Services
    • Presented upcoming public-facing opportunities

  • UTSA Athletics
    • Discussed Athletics Fees and what they were used for

  • Campus Services
    • General Transportation Updates… Parking, Bus Services, Charging Station Pilot Program at Bus Stops

September 2022

  • Student Affairs Update
    • Public furniture upgrades
    • Use of MySSP app to support the overall emotional health and wellbeing of students
    • Expansion of Total Wellness Services for students

  • Strategic Refresh Activity (Part 1)
    • What makes UTSA special
    • What keeps us at UTSA
    • UTSA’s Potential

April 2022

  • UTSA Athletics
    • Opportunities to get involved with Athletics
    • Student-Athlete Success
    • How Athletics supports the Campus Community

  • Planned Campus Improvements
    • Enhanced parking options
    • Renovations to student dining facilities
    • New Vendors and dining options
    • Addition of Grubhub payment kiosks 

February 2022

    • New Member Orientation

    • Campus Climate Survey Results Preview by Modern Think
      • Reviewed themes
      • Discussed next steps for campus-wide action

    • UTSA Giving Day
      • Overview
      • How donations impact Student Success

September 2021

  • Wellness 360 Update
    • What medical/mental health services are available
    • How services have been enhanced by our partnership with U.T. Health San Antonio

  • Student email migration
    • Migration timeline
    • What to expect
    • Where to find help