Campus Fire Log

Date of Report Fire Information
Nature Date Time Location
26 FEB 2019 Electrical appliance 26 FEB 2019 13:55 University Oaks 1804
27 OCT 2018 Cooking 26 OCT 2018 20:00 Alvarez Residence Hall Community Kitchen
27 SEP 2018 Electrical short 27 SEP 2018 23:20 Alvarez Residence Hall C104A
6 FEB 2018 Accidental (Unknown) 6 FEB 2018 14:45 Chaparral Village 5.101
7 DEC 2017 Accidental (Candle) 7 DEC 2017 12:00 Laurel Village 8-209A
26 AUG 2017 Cooking Laurel Village 6.101A
23 AUG 2017 Electrical short 23 AUG 2017 17:30 (approx.) Chaparral Village 1.306A
16 NOV 2016 Unattended smoking materials 16 NOV 2016 15:30 Chaparral Village 8.304
3 SEP 2015 Cooking 3 SEP 2015 19:26 University Oaks
16 JUL 2015 Metal Cutting 16 JUL 2015 19:30
Chaparral Village 1 exterior
23 NOV 2014 Cooking 23 NOV 2014 Alvarez Residence Hall (was San Saba Hall), Community Kitchen
24 JUL 2014 Undetermined 24 JUL 2014 09:30 University Oaks, unit 2215
30 OCT 2013 Cooking 30 OCT 2013 20:54 Chisholm Hall Unit 136
2 OCT 2012 Cooking 2 OCT 2012 22:50 University Oaks, Unit 4203
21 JAN 2011 Unattended candle 21 JAN 2011 13:14 Chaparral Village 12.213
30 OCT 2009 Cooking 30 OCT 2009 19:25 University Oaks, Unit 602
7 MAY 2008 Cooking 7 MAY 2008 16:54 University Oaks, Unit 1904

UTSA maintains a log of fires that have occurred in on-campus student housing in accordance with federal regulations (34 CFR §668.49)

The UTSA Fire Log is not a complete list of all fire events that have occurred on UTSA property. The following definitions apply to this fire log.

“On-campus student housing” refers only to structures containing residential occupancy for students. The UTSA Fire Log does not include neighborhood centers within student housing developments, campus facilities (administrative, academic, library, student life, or support) where students may overnight on a transient basis, vehicles, locations off UTSA property, or outdoor locations of any kind.

“On-campus student housing” consists of four developments. The UTSA Housing and Residential Life department (HRL) operates two of these, Chaparral Village and Laurel Village. Campus Living Villages (CLV) operates two of these, Chisholm Hall and University Oaks apartments.

“Fire” is “any instance of open flame or other burning in a place not intended to contain the burning or in an uncontrolled manner.” “Fire” does not include controlled burning, even when that event is contrary to policy, such as candles, smoking, or other open flames, when that open flame does not result in property damage.

Fire Statistics

UTSA statistics for fires in on-campus student housing appear in the annual Fire Report.

Combined Security and Fire Report:

Effective 2015, UTSA has combined the security and fire reports into a single document. To access the current report, visit the UTSAPD Reports and Statistics page and select “Annual Security Report.”

Fire Report:

Prior to 2015, UTSA's Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management office provided an annual Fire Report to the community. This fire report provided:

  1. Statistics relating to fires in on-campus student housing, including
    1. The number of fires and the cause of each fire;
    2. The number of persons who received fire-related injuries that resulted in treatment at a medical facility, including at an on-campus health center;
    3. The number of deaths related to a fire; and
    4. The value of property damage caused by a fire.
  2. A description of each on-campus student housing facility fire safety system.
  3. The number of fire drills held during the previous calendar year.
  4. The institution's policies or rules on portable electrical appliances, smoking, and open flames in a student housing facility.
  5. The institution's procedures for student housing evacuation in the case of a fire.
  6. Fire safety education and training programs provided to the students and employees.
  7. Titles of each person or organization to which students and employees should report that a fire occurred.
  8. Plans for future improvements in fire safety, if determined necessary by the institution

2014 UTSA Campus Fire Report

2013 UTSA Campus Fire Report

2012 UTSA Campus Fire Report

Fire and Life Safety Requirements

UTSA maintains a Fire and Life Safety Manual, which describes policies associated with fire protection, fire prevention, and life safety at the University.

To access this manual, visit our Safety Manuals home page and select “Fire and Life Safety Plan.”