Single-stream Recycling

In an effort to recycle more and reduce our impact on the environment, UTSA has adopted a single-stream recycling process to decrease waste and increase recycling. In this process, all recyclable items are placed in a single container and are sorted off-site at a recycling facility. This is similar to the recycling program implemented by the City of San Antonio. Please watch our video above for more details!

Recycling at UTSA

Recycling Tonnage Processed

Recycling and waste minimization efforts don't just save money—they contribue to a sustainable environment and a greener campus. Our goal is to improve our recycling efforts year over year. In recent years, the UTSA community has recycled hundreds of tons of mixed paper and cardboard, electronics, lamps, batteries, glass, metal, plastic and others materials.

We provide recycling containers for all faculty, staff and students at the University housing. Indoor and outdoor receptacles are located throughout campus, offering a convenient way for everyone to do their part.

What Can You Recycle?

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