The Mini Trash Bin Program

Introductory Video

About the Mini Trash Bin Program

This waste minimization program is designed to make each individual aware of and responsible for the waste that he or she generates. The mini-bin is a small trash receptacle that attaches to your personal recycle bin and is a constant reminder to recycle more and produce less waste.

The mini trash bins attach to
your recycling bin

Start by placing all recyclable items into your desk-side recycling container. Recyclable items include all paper, aluminum, plastic, glass, and small cardboard boxes. Start using your new mini-bin for any item that is not recyclable. This includes soiled tissues, apple cores, banana peels, and any other items that cannot be recycled. When the mini-bin waste is full or when you want to empty its contents, take it to the centralized trash station located on every floor of every building or any campus restroom and empty it into the trash container.

Most of the waste generated in an office is paper, which should be recycled. When you get right down to it, there is not much trash left over at the end of the day in your mini-bin. The mini-bin will save the University from using thousands of plastic trash bags each year, as well as help you be aware of the amount of waste you personally generate throughout your day.

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