UTSA ChemSwap Program

ChemSwap is a program designed to allow university departments to redistribute unwanted usable chemicals.

The ChemSwap Program was developed to comply with Texas Commission for Environmental Quality SUBCHAPTER Q: POLLUTION PREVENTION: SOURCE REDUCTION AND WASTE MINIMIZATION 335.471 - 335.480 Effective January 30, 2003 335.471.

Waste minimization is a practice that reduces the environmental or health hazards associated with hazardous wastes, pollutants, or contaminants. Examples may include reuse, recycling, neutralization, and detoxification.

Adopted January 8, 2003
Effective January 30, 2003

How the program works:

Any excess chemicals that are not expired or contaminated may be placed into an inventory for use in another lab.

If you wish to place some excess chemicals on the inventory list or claim a chemical from the inventory, fill out the appropriate form located at https://isms.utsa.edu/laboratory/chemswap/ (UTSA login required).

Any chemical not claimed within 90 days expired will be deemed as waste and managed accordingly. Chemicals placed or claimed from the inventory will be picked up and delivered by EHSRM.

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