Rowdy New U

A wellness program for UTSA faculty and staff


The mission of UTSA's Rowdy New U wellness program is to encourage all university personnel and their families to enhance their health and wellbeing through educational opportunities, wellness activities, and self-improvement. Rowdy New U is a free service for UTSA faculty and staff. The program highlights fitness, nutrition, awareness, motivation, lifestyle behaviors, and social interaction. For a calendar of events and information on how to register, please visit the Rowdy New U web site at


wellness charts
Get assessment results and progress charts online

Wellness program participants receive quarterly health assessments. These assessments monitor blood pressure, weight, body fat, muscle mass, and other indicators that may predict future health issues. The results allow the wellness team to analyze the participant's health status and provide recommendations on improving their health. Participants can also access their assessment results and progress charts online with our secure wellness tracking tool.

Personal Development Training

A variety of health and self-improvement training classes are available to those registered with the program. Topics include: nutrition, chronic disease, bone health, pain management, and other health topics. These sessions create awareness, and offer the tools needed for behavioral change. Visit for more information.

Community Events

Rowdy New U sponsors and/or participates in a number of community events such as: UTSA Diploma Dash, Race for the Cure, Corporate Cup, Heart Walk, and the Rock 'n Roll Marathon. Details on upcoming events can be found at


Proper office ergonomics, including correct chair height, adequate equipment spacing and good desk posture—these are some of the techniques that will help you stay comfortable at work. We offer individualized evaluations of the relationship between the worker and the workstation. Recommendations for reducing musculoskeletal risk factors will be given and assistance in choosing and obtaining proper ergonomic equipment can be arranged. Evaluations usually take one hour. If you are interested in an ergonomic evaluation, we ask that you first complete the Ergonomics Self-Evaluation (requires myUTSA login). Your responses will be forwarded to our ergonomics specialist. Visit our ergonomics home page for more information.

Tobacco Cessation

UTSA is tobacco free as of June 1, 2013. Tobacco cessation is a tool for individuals seeking to quit and comply with the policy. Please email the Wellness Team for information on tobacco cessation.