Crime Prevention Unit

The CPU is a dedicated, customer-focused TEAM that builds bridges through education & awareness. We nurture relationships with UTSA & the surrounding community by reducing crime and its effects.

General Information

The University Police Department has a comprehensive crime prevention program that assists community members to reduce their risk of becoming a victim of crime. The Crime Prevention Unit of the University Police Department has certified Crime Prevention Officers on staff that have received numerous hours of training in crime prevention and physical security. Programming and presentations that are taught include self-defense, alcohol awareness and sexual assault prevention. Other duties include security surveys of resident areas or office areas and threat assessment.

Safety Escort Program

PD uniformed staff will provide an escort from anywhere on campus to any location on campus 24/7. Call 210.458.4242.

Whistle Defense Program

The University of Texas at San Antonio Police Department has available FREE key chain safety whistles for UTSA STUDENTS, FACULTY AND STAFF as a new personal defense system for our Tri-Campus Community. The Whistle Defense Program is a campus safety program based on the use of whistles to alert patrol officers, students, faculty and staff that an offense or incident has occurred or is about to occur. For Brochure click here.

Crime Prevention Presentations

Crime prevention presentations pertaining to personal safety, sexual assault prevention, acquaintance rape, women’s self-defense, alcohol and drug awareness, burglary and theft prevention and office safety are conducted as needed for faculty, staff and students. The Crime Prevention Unit works closely with campus housing departments and other UTSA student groups to develop and schedule presentations. Contact the Crime Prevention Unit at 210-458-6974 for more information. Classes are also scheduled on the UTSA PD web site. Customized crime prevention presentations are also available upon special request.

Bicycle Security and Maintenance

Learn how to properly maintain and secure your bike at one of our Bike Repair Workshops.

Watch the Paisano's video on How to Properly Lock Your Bike

Watch the Paisano's video on Bicycle Repair

Printed Crime Prevention Literature

Crime prevention literature related to personal safety, property safety and preventing sexual assault, traffic safety, auto theft prevention, predestrian safety and residential security is available at various locations throughout the campus. Specialized crime prevention literature is available upon special request.

Operation Identification

Operation Identification is an on-going program which involves the engraving of driver's license or student identification numbers on valuable items of personal property. Engravers are available at the UTSA Police Department.

For Brochure click here.

Security Surveys

Campus buildings, University Oaks Apartments, Chisholm Hall dormitory, Chaparral Village, Laurel Village and San Saba housing and other campus areas are surveyed for safety and security concerns on a regular basis.

Public Service Annoucements

I.D. Theft

Crime Prevention Officer: Ofc. Maranda Tupper (210-458-6974)

Primary Office: 1.408 Bosque Building