Driver Training and Record Request Information

Clearance to operate a motor vehicle must be obtained prior to operating a vehicle.

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The University Fleet Manager maintains the list of current authorized drivers for the University. An employee must be listed on the list of current authorized drivers prior to driving a vehicle owned or leased by the University. It is the responsibility of the individual driver and the department to verify that the employee is currently authorized to drive a state vehicle in accordance with UTS 157.

To verify your status as an authorized driver please contact the University Fleet Manager at 458-7681.

The driving record check is only a part of the process to become an authorized driver. Below are the instructions on how to complete this portion of the process and the link to complete the driver training that is also required.

To request your Texas Driver’s Record:

Driver Record Request

Print and send to UTSA PD – Attn: (Driving Record Request)

  1. Texas Driver’s Record Request (DR-1 Form) must be completed annually. DL Check request (DR-1) forms must be submitted by the department to UTSA PD 30 days prior to the expiration of last years request.
  2. Complete the “Information Requested On” and “Individual’s Written Consent” sections of the DR-1 form and forward the completed form to the University Police Department – Attn – Drivers License Checks.
  3. Moving violations and traffic violations must be reported to the proper officials as required by policy.
  4. The employee’s driving record will remain on file with the University Police Department for a period of one year.

The Driver Safety Training is located in the UTSA MyTraining link (You must login with your UTSAID and Network Passphrase to login to the driver safety training.)

The course is Defensive Driving Awareness (SA 505). This online training must be completed every three years. If you are seeking clearance as an authorized driver under HOP 5.18 Travel or Events that Involve Students and Other Non-Employee Participants (Student Travel Policy), the training must be completed yearly. Drivers of 12 passenger vans must also pass an additional driver training course, which includes on-road training, specific to the use of 12 passenger vans before the activity or event, but at least every 3 years for regular employee travel and yearly under the Student Travel Policy. To sign up for this training, contact the University Fleet Manager at (210) 458-7681.

The University Fleet Manager will add an employee to the list of authorized drivers only when the University Fleet Manager has received an acceptable Driving Record from UTSA PD, notification from Human Resources that the Driver Safety Training is complete and completion of training for the use of 12 passenger vans if applicable. Employees who do not complete the required annual driving record check the required driver safety training course, required every 3 years for regular employee travel and yearly under the Student Travel Policy, or the required driving training for use of 12 passenger vans, may be removed from the authorized drivers list without notice.