Frequently Asked Questions

Mechanical Keys

How do I request a key?
All key requests must be made through the mechanical key request tab on our E-form website: Old paper mechanical key requests or requests via email will not be accepted.

Can anyone request keys?
No, only the department’s appropriate administrative official/authorized requestor can request keys.

Who is an Authorized Requestor?
The Administrative official, head of divisional unit, college or department may authorize a delegate with administrative responsibilities and oversight authority e.g. Director, Assistant Director, Administrative Services Officers, and Senior Administrative Associate.

Who are the authorized requestors for my department?
For a list of your department’s authorized requestors, send us an email to and we will let you know.

How can I become an authorized requestor?
A current authorized requestor from your department can fill out and submit the Authorized Requestor Form to request that you be added as an authorized requestor.

Can a department request Master Keys?
Request for master keys are carefully reviewed and Security Services will work with departments to assess their needs. Issuance of master keys is limited for security concern.

Can I pick up my supervisor's key?
No, Security Services will not release keys to persons other than the employee to whom the keys are issued to.

Can I request a key to match another person's key?
No, requesting a match someone else’s key is not always sufficient information. When requesting a key, you need to list out all the door numbers needed on the E-form.

If I am separating from a department, should I leave my keys for the person who is replacing me?
Keys shall not be transferred from one UTSA affiliate to another. When a UTSA employee terminates his/her affiliation with UTSA, he/she must return the issued key(s) to the University Police Security Services (BOS 1.200) upon terminating their affiliation with UTSA. A key request must be submitted for the new person. Keys may not to be sent through campus or postal mail service.

Important Note: Please coordinate with our office in advance. We may be able to smoothly transfer the key to the new person without a huge delay. With a key request and in person visit, we may be able to correctly transfer the key while maintaining our key records.

If I am separating, but returning to work to the same department in thirty days, can I keep my keys?
No, when a UTSA or UT System employee terminates employment, they must return keys in accordance with HOP policy 4.14, Separation of Employment for UTSA Personnel, and follow all required procedures.

What do I do if I lose my key(s)?
The loss or theft of a key must immediately be reported to the UTSA Police Department and to the immediate supervisor or administrative official with responsibility for the department.

A police report will be completed and a police investigation conducted. Based on the results of the investigation, a determination will be made by Security Services if rekeying of offices is necessary for the security location.

Replacement of lost or stolen keys requires a request through our E-form ( with the UTSAPD dispatch/incident number noted. Please note, if a request for a replacement key is submitted without the UTSAPD dispatch/incident number, the request will be denied.

If missing key is found, please notify Security Service immediately!

If I lose my key, does my department need to rekey the office?
The UTSAPD and Security Services will work with the departments to assess the risk and determine if it is necessary to re-key the facility to restore its security. Depending on the circumstances, the department may be responsible for the cost of the new cores and keys.

Our department is relocating and/or acquiring additional space. What steps do I need to take in order to get keys to the new space?
Contact Security Services via email to schedule an area assessment for rekeying. After assessment is completed, the department must submit a key request through our E-form ( noting that this is a rekey - newly acquired space. We will not be able to rekey or issue keys until we receive a memo from Space Management so please ensure you coordinate with them as well.

Can I borrow keys from my coworkers?
No, keys are assigned to individual users who have signed for them. Keys issued by Security Services are recorded under each users Banner ID number. A request must be put in on our E-form site ( by your department’s authorized requestor for you to receive a key.

Swipe Access Card

Can anyone request card access?
No, only the department’s appropriate administrative official/authorized requestor can request card access. Security Services will only process swipe card access requested by the authorized requestors under the card access request tab on our E-Form website (

What do I do if I lose my card?
Contact Security Services immediately to deactivate card; a new card may need to be assigned by Campus Services.

Can I request card access for myself?
No, if you are an authorized requestor for your department, you cannot request access for yourself; however, another authorized requestor from your department can request access for you.

What do I do if the door I am requesting access for is not listed in the E-Forms drop box?
Send us an email at We will contact OIT to get this new number added. This process usually takes about an hour or two.

Why was my card access request E-Forms denied?
Requests may be denied for several reasons: nonexistent room number, incorrect Banner ID number and/or user not in the system. If we deny your request, you will receive an email with why this request was denied.

Can I request a key for a door with card swipe access?
No, keys are not issued to any doors with electronic card readers, keypads, or biometric access control systems for security reasons.

Do I call Security Services to grant access to Housing and Residence Life?
No, Housing and Residence Life handle their own swipe card access requests.

How can I request my office suite to be locked temporarily due to a special event or training if it has card swipe access and is on a lock/unlock schedule?
The manual locking of doors can be processed promptly. Contact Security Services at extension 6855 to manually lock your office before leaving; call back to ensure the door is returned to its time schedule. If you need this assistance outside of normal business hours, you may call police dispatch at x4242.

I was granted door access to a door which requires a PIN or biometric reader to access the area, how do I obtain the PIN or get my fingerprint entered in DSX?
Stop by at Security Services, BOS 1.200, during working hours, Monday-Friday 8am-5pm to obtain a PIN or be fingerprinted for biometric reader access.

Is it possible to request a card reader report of everyone who currently has card access to a door in my department?
Yes, under our E-forms website ( there is a tab labeled door reports request. Under this tab you can request a history report or an access report.

A history report will allow you to see everyone who swiped at the door and any alarms for that door during a designated time frame. An access report will provide you a list of everyone who currently has access to your door.

Who do I contact if card access does not work?
Contact Security Services at x6855 or x6486.

How do I report door access issues after business hours or when campus is closed?
Contact police dispatch at x4242.

If I am employed at the downtown campus and have door access issues who I contact?
Security Services at x6855. We provide access support to all three campuses. Main 1604, DTC and ITC.

Security Services

What is a panic button?
A button that can be discretely placed so that when pressed, a silent alarm is directed to UTSA Police Department for immediate response. These types of alarms are typically installed in offices and/or areas of high security.

How do I request a panic button? Or relocation of existing one?
Send us an email to and provide full detail of location to install the panic button. Our technicians will assess the area to give you a cost estimate and make arrangements to schedule installation. For relocation of existing panic buttons, contact us with advance notice to arrange timely service.

Other Security-Related Concerns

If there is a security camera near a location of suspicious activity, e.g. a theft or accident, can I get a copy of the video for personal reasons?
No, you cannot obtain any security footage from any location around campus. If there is a possibility of a crime being committed, you should file a police report with the UTSA Police Department so they can conduct an investigation.

Who do I contact to discuss other physical security needs?
Contact Security Services Supervisor, Daniel Torres at x6057, and/or Director Jessenia Skelton at x7148. There is an extensive array of security devices, such as key pads, panic alarms, and electronic key boxes. Security Services can meet with the department to discuss the best security practices.

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