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Kelsey Delgado
Awesome Alum: Kelsey Delgado
June 2022

Meet Kelsey Delgado, recent UTSA graduate and sole Environmental Program Manager for the City of Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas.

Kelsey graduated from UTSA with her B.S. in Environmental Science in 2020 and returned later that year to begin her master’s, which she completed last May.

As a San Antonio native, Kelsey found that UTSA was favorable for its proximity to home. Its unparalleled student aid programs were another factor that influenced her decision.

Kelsey values UTSA’s rapidly evolving environment and dedication to progress. "UTSA is different because it is always growing," said Kelsey. "From the time I started to the time I finished, the university has expanded and grown in so many ways that you do not see in other universities."

Kelsey has always had a passion for environmental science. Her love of wildlife management is what made the UTSA College of Sciences Department of Integrative Biology well suited for her ambitions. Learning about viable solutions to the biggest environmental problems of today has nurtured and built upon her passion.

Kelsey feels that the Department of Integrative Biology has done an exceptional job in creating an environment that was equal parts challenging and captivating.

Upon graduating from UTSA with her B.S. in Environmental Science, Kelsey began her career as an Environmental Scientist with the Air Force Civil Engineer Center, which specializes in matters pertaining to emerging ecological issues. Her responsibilities included tracking funding for a wide range of restoration and remediation projects that have been conducted across all U.S. Air Force bases.

Recently, Kelsey’s career has taken an exciting new turn. She is now the Environmental Program Manager for the City of Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas. Through this position, Kelsey manages various environmental programs ranging from MS4 permitting, land developed regulations, water permitting and aids in updating and creating new environmental ordinances.

Kelsey notes that an important and difficult part of her field is coping with the anxiety that a job may cause. "At times, classes can seem to provide you a meek outlook on our future," said Kelsey. "Each day alters our future and if we continue making technological advances and care enough, we can help lessen the impact and protect the environment." Kelsey is a true believer of the fact that we, as a global community, should never lose hope in the face of adversity.

Kelsey hopes to continue aiding environmental conservation through government regulation. "A professor once told me that in order to create global change, you must think global but act local," said Kelsey. It is her goal to continue her environmental stewardship through federal avenues one day. "Mankind has always been innovative, and we will always find a way. It is up to us to create a better, more environmentally sustainable future."


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