User Policies

  1. Each user needs to be on an approved IACUC protocol.
  2. To have your lab members approved, please send a copy of your IACUC protocol where you designate the Behavior Core as a location on your approved protocol. This is because we will occasionally have to attest to the IACUC that everybody using the core is compliant, has had training, etc.
  3. When reserving a time slot, please write a brief description (in the "Description" panel) of what procedures are being done by your lab in the core room so we can answer questions at IACUC inspections.
  4. As a general policy, should items get misplaced or broken, we will need an account number to pay for the cost of replacement. The core manager or one of the technicians will always check the Core room in between users to ensure that everything is in working order for the next user. For general consumables (e.g. food pellets and other general consumables), users will have to provide their own supplies.