1. How can I participate in the SOAR program?

Participation in SOAR is by invitation only.  Students who meet certain academic criteria will receive an e-mail invitation to their UTSA e-mail account.

2. How do I sign-up for the program?

Students will need to respond to the e-mail invitation sent by SOAR staff by a designated deadline.  Once a student opts into the program, a SOAR staff member will explain the program in more detail during an individual meeting.

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3. Is there any additional cost to participate in SOAR?

No, there is no additional cost to participate in S.O.A.R. Students pay the standard cost of attending the university such as tuition, fees, housing, etc. Students may qualify for financial aid. For more information about financial aid, students should contact One-Stop at 210-458-8000 or e-mail onestop@utsa.edu.

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4. Who can I call if I have further questions?

SOAR staff is happy to answer any questions you may have about the program.  Please contact the SOAR Student Success office at 210-458-6529 for further information.

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