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Dana Mecke

In the Loop

Campus wedding celebration for diehard Roadrunners

When Ashley Starkweather ’09 and Tim Mazzanti ’05 were dancing the night away at their wedding reception in June, the setting couldn’t have been more fitting for these two die-hard Roadrunners. The couple, who met and fell in love on campus, were the first to hold a wedding reception in the University Center ballroom.

"Pretty much everyone commented on how we had the reception on campus," Ashley said. "Most people were like, ‘This is so a thing that you two would do, since you guys are so into UTSA.’ " Ashley was in her first semester at UTSA in fall 2005 when she met Tim; he was in his last semester. They met at a basketball game—Ashley was a member of UTSA’s dance team, and Tim is a founding member of the popular Blue Crew, supporters who paint themselves blue and show their UTSA spirit at games.

"UTSA is a place that we hold in high regard—the campus has grown right before my eyes," Tim said. "When I started in 2001, we had 17,000 students, and now we’re pushing 30,000. Buildings are popping up everywhere. It’s just amazing the maturity of the school, and I want to be part of that maturity."

University Center officials are also enthusiastic about the facility’s potential for hosting private events.

"We received approval from President Romo to host weddings in the University Center last fall, so we definitely were thinking about how to make the most of our beautiful new facility when the expansion was opened last year," said Lowa Mwilambwe, the center’s director.

Since the center is funded primarily by a designated student fee, special events such as weddings help offset the operational costs, Mwilambwe said.

Ashley and Tim are now settling into married life. Ashley, who holds a B.S. in biology, works for Jenny Craig; with a B.S. in finance, Tim works at USAA in investments. The couple recently bought a house and are doing some remodeling. And they rescued two kittens at a park near campus. Their names? Rowdy and Utsa.

For more information on special events at the UTSA ballroom, call (210) 458-4155, or visit

- Joe Michael Feist and Omar Hernandez

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