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"That's right, be bold. Think about the possibilities. Think about the opportunities. When we see the timing is right, we need to seize the moment and step up."

—President Ricardo Romo, in the Sept. 23 State of the University address

"You have only one lifetime, so make it count. Will you be immortalized as a hero or be a figment of days long past?"

—Xavier Johnson, President of the Student Government Association, at the Aug. 22 Fall Convocation

"I was extremely grateful for the mercy I got. No matter how excited you may be, you still have to obey the rules. Regardless of whatever other factors go into it, you still have to obey the law."

—Ryan Stanley ("Rowdy Ryan"), one of eight students arrested after rushing the Alamodome football field after the Roadrunners' inaugural game, as quoted in the Sept. 13 The Paisano

"[Texas] can seat maybe 100,000, and you got to be a pretty big donor to get any kind of good seat. So we're fine. My daughter grew up in Boerne, which is a middle-class, uppermiddle-class area, and very few of those kids or families ever go to a game at Texas or A&M. We're the answer to that. We're the team for this community."

—Lynn Hickey, athletics director, as quoted by the Associated Press on Aug. 28

"San Antonio has the opportunity to seize a mantle that no city in the U.S. holds today—to be the recognized leader in clean energy technology. By building a critical mass around research and development that will grow and attract the brainpower of the 21st century, San Antonio can be for the new energy economy what Silicon Valley is to software and what Boston is to biotech."

—Mayor Julian Castro, at a June 22 City of San Antonio and CPS Energy joint announcement of five clean-energy companies moving to San Antonio

"I want to make sure that we're not only a part of the university, but a part of the city, part of the culture. We really want to celebrate the school and where it's at and where it's come from and where it's going."

—Ron Ellis, director of athletics bands, in the Aug. 31 San Antonio Express-News

"For all the smelliness, do I at least look a little bit happy? Because I am. That should be the No. 1 question that you ask yourself in the morning. Am I happy about what I get to do today? Experience has taught me that your journey will be more successful in the real world if it's fun for you."

—Doug Fine, author of Farewell, My Subaru, the Freshman Common Reading, in his keynote address at the Aug. 22 Fall Convocation

"Perhaps the boldest move we could make in the race to Tier One is to simply believe. To believe that we are going to achieve this goal; to not let the hurdles stop us. We have an extraordinary opportunity to forever change the university, our city and our state."

—President Ricardo Romo, in the Sept. 23 State of the University address

"This whole notion of how do you marry technology and people in a meaningful, significant way so that people feel that their destiny, their bill at the end of the month, is really in their control and they can influence it, is critically important."

—Les Shephard, director of The UTSA Texas Sustainable Energy Research Institute, on the July 8 taping of NPR's Science Friday

"This is a new Libya; we're starting from scratch. Not like the Egyptian and Tunisian revolutions where the bureaucracy is still there. What you write on this piece of paper, this empty white piece of paper, will be the revolution. It will be our country going forward."

—Mansour El-Kikhia, Libyan-born professor and chairman of the Department of Political Science and Geography, quoted in the Aug. 31 San Antonio Current


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